The One Important Thing Long-Distance Couples Do Better Than Us


As many of you know, I’m in a long-distance relationship—and with the exception of actually being able to see my guy on the daily, I couldn’t be happier. Turns out, a lot of other LDR couples feel the same way, especially when compared with geographically close couples. In fact, new research shows that LDR couples report a higher level of satisfaction, intimacy, and commitment than same-town lovers. Why? We talk more about our thoughts and feelings.

Researchers at Queen’s University, in Ontario, Canada, studied men and women in LDRs and geographically close relationships, asking them to submit diary entries—876 total!—recording their interactions, including face-to-face time, phone calls, video chats, emails, and texts. While LDR couples reported fewer daily interactions than same-town couples, they used more channels to communicate and spent longer amounts of time talking. And when they got gabbing, the study says, “LDR partners strategically oriented their restricted communication to be more disclosive” of their feelings and desires.

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This isn’t surprising to me. As I written before, when the phone, Skype, or text is your only time together, you don’t take it for granted—you use every minute or data byte to get down to a deeper level. Openness breeds trust and intimacy, which leads to major relationship happiness.

And I think that’s how geographically close couples can steal a little of our long-distance mojo: The more open you are about how you feel and what you think, according to this study, the happier you two will be together.

How often do you talk to your S.O. about your feelings and thoughts? Do you notice an increase in your relationship satisfaction when you do?

By Jillian Kramer 

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