The NFL and Lulu DK Announce New Temporary Tattoo Collection for Female Football Fans


Each packet of tattoos will contain team logos and variations on styles (Photo Hazel and Pine)

The NFL typically caters to guys as we all well know. Until recently, we were fairly used to being ignored and wearing ill-fitted men's jerseys to home games and even while supporting from the local bar. Then around 2012 marketing and merchandizing strategizes began to shift to provide women with their own channels and campaigns, boosting the NFL’s relationship with female fans. Marketers moved away from the “pink it and shrink it” mentality and started developing and designing items specifically for women.

These efforts have led to this latest announcement by the NFL. Following in the recent footsteps of Beyoncé and Rihanna, they debuted an exclusive new temporary tattoo collection with famed artist and designer Lulu DK. The collection will feature all 32 team logos and taglines designed in the same cool, jewelry-inspired, skin tone-flattering style as her other lines. These metallic jewelry tattoos can be worn as rings, bracelets, necklaces, arm candy, or really any way you want to sport them to show off your team pride. “With a variety of different patterns and official colors for each team, fans will be able to shake things up and experiment with different styles each week,” says founder Lulu DeKwiatkowski.


The tattoos are non-toxic and wash off in 4-6 days (Photo Hazel and Pine)

The temporary tatts will be available at the NFL Shop and Lulu DK on August 24, so there’s plenty of time to get your order in before Week 1 (Sept 13) kicks off. The next step in bringing football and fashion together, these are bound to be a big hit with the ladies.


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