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The J. Crew Emilie sweater lady jacket is going viral right now — it's on sale for 21% off

Do your wardrobe a favor and snag this versatile piece while it's on sale.

Every now and then, social media gets it right with the fashion "must-buys." With its subtly cropped silhouette, gold buttons, inclusive sizing and wide color choices this chic J.Crew sweater has been the darling of TikTok and Instagram. With a look straight out of a Chanel playbook, but at a much more affordable price, it's a transitional layer that will take you from winter to early summer — and right now it's on sale.

This chic layerable piece is a cross between a jacket and a sweater and its gold hardware gives it that elegant touch that makes it look much more expensive than it is.

$110 at J.Crew

Why is this a good deal?

There are so many ways to style this customer favorite. With reviewers raving about its flattering fit and expensive-looking design (gold hardware makes so much of a difference), it can be worn as a layering piece or on its own. What everyone's most excited about, though, is the three deal tiers that this cardigan has on J.Crew's site.

Right now, solid colors are 18% off, the contrast trim versions are 19% off and the striped versions are 21% off. Prices start as low as $104.50 and you honestly can't go wrong with any of the three styles.

Why do I need this?

J.Crew is one of the few brands out there that somehow manages to design classic, timeless pieces that complement so many different body types, style types and age ranges. What makes the Emilie Sweater Lady Jacket so special though is in its name — it's a hybrid of a sweater and a jacket (technically a cardigan) and has a slightly cropped silhouette that just looks flattering on so many different body shapes.

It's so popular that, according to J.Crew, it has over 100,000 fans, so they knew they had to update it for those who are just discovering it. So, to give it a new year refresh, the brand added contrast trim details to some designs, and stripes to others and kept it simple with classic colors throughout for the purists out there. The one thing they kept constant throughout all three designs, though, is the polished gold buttons that just give it that rich, vintage touch.

J.Crew Emilie sweater lady jacket
J.Crew Emilie sweater lady jacket

What reviewers say:

Shoppers have been repeatedly saying in reviews that this J.Crew sweater is one of those pieces that you'll keep reaching for year after year. One shopper says they love that it's "simple yet elegant." "The trims on this sweater give it the wow factor," the same shopper added. "It's perfect for spring, for office or casual outings."

In terms of its heft, don't expect something that's super lightweight and flimsy. Another shopper said it has a good weight to it. "Nice weighted sweater blazer [that's] work and casual appropriate," the reviewer gushed. "I'm a 12, typically, and a medium gave me more [of a] fitted look. The large was boxier and also good in a different way."

One shopper who wanted to see what the hype was about took to TikTok to do a first-impression try-on and was shocked by how well the J.Crew sweater fit.

"I feel like I can get a lot of use out of these colors," TikTok user @so_narly said while holding up the black and Acorn colors that she purchased, right before trying them on. "I feel so chic in this!"

If you search "Emilie J.Crew Sweater" on TikTok, you'll see that there are hundreds of reviews and shoppers seemingly can't be more impressed by its fit and quality.

The only con a few reviewers expressed is its length. Some said that while the crop allows it to perfectly sit at most women's waists, those with much longer torsos may find that it may be a bit too short.

Sizes range from 3XS to 3XL and you get to choose from 11 colors!

$110 at J.Crew

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