The Inside Scoop on Carpool Karaoke, From Jane Krakowski

Broadway Carpool Karaoke has eight million YouTube views, and comments like “Not gonna lie, I totally cried” and “I can die now.” So when we ran into theatre legend, TV bombshell, and backseat Broadway belter Jane Krakowski at the Tony Awards after-party last night in the Plaza Hotel, we begged her to reveal the intimate details. Here’s what we got…

How far in advance did you rehearse for Carpool Karaoke?

Oh no, it’s all improv. Everything you see us saying and doing in the car, none of that’s rehearsed. We did know what songs we would sing, for the most part, but we hadn’t actually sung them together until we were in James Corden’s car.

How long did it take to make Carpool Karaoke?

An hour and a half. Max. It’s true improv.

Where did you actually get picked up? Where did you actually drive to?

We drove around a few block in midtown Manhattan, over and over again. James Cordon is really driving–he’s a very good driver!–and we’re all strapped in. And he’s very strict about that.

The seatbelts?

Oh yeah. If you want to be in Carpool Karaoke, you must wear your seatbelt at all times.

Does being strapped in impede your singing?

It’s a challenge, but it’s better than the alternative, right? So we make it work.

Where are the cameras?

They put cameras all over the car, and all over the periphery of the windows. You can’t not be looking at a camera, to be honest.

During the Les Miserables medley, you got the best part–Eponine. Did you and Audra McDonald have to fight for it?

Ha! No, I think we just assumed based on our vocal ranges which way it would go. But I love that you asked that.

What happened in the car that we didn’t see?

There was a Chorus Line medley that we all got really into. And James Corden knows the lyrics of those show tunes better than I do. He’s truly in love with Broadway. He might have been having more fun than we were, if that’s possible. He’s a true musical theater lover. He’s obsessed, in the most wonderful way.

You just did a split onstage. What kind of preparation does that require?

It’s something I really only do at parties, you know, like a trick. But if there’s any party that deserves a full split, it’s the Tony Awards! So there you go.

We’re asking our favorite Broadway stars how to combat stage fright. Any advice?

Keep auditioning. Keep working with people. Keep learning. And wear Michael Kors. That helps a lot.