Give mom a helping hand for the holidays — 12 tech gifts that make life easier

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Best tech gifts for mom
Snag Mom a great tech gadget that she'll really love! (Photo: Amazon)

Moms do so much for us every day that they deserve holiday gifts that will make their days (and nights) easier and more enjoyable. From wireless charging stations and phone mounts for cars to mugs that keep her coffee warm and Alexa voice remotes, there are plenty of tech devices that can do just that! We've collected 12 especially useful gadget gifts to make any mom feel appreciated. 

Don't wait until the last minute to snag a good gift — unless you're an Amazon Prime member in which case you can get two-day delivery (and free shipping!) on many items. Prime members also get access to thousands of movies and TV shows as well; if you haven't signed up yet, you can easily start a free 30-day trial here

Read on to find the right gift for every mom and for every budget. There's sure to be something to make the important moms in your life breathe a sigh of relief.

For on-the-go moms: Amazon Echo earbuds

Alexa, what's the weather today? (Photo: Amazon)
Alexa, what's the weather today? (Photo: Amazon)

An excellent set of smart earbuds can be like an extra set of hands — these Amazon Echo earbuds can play music or make calls, set reminders, add items to shopping lists, and summon a digital assistant. They have active noise cancellation to limit background noise and a sealed in-ear design to make them comfortable to wear for long periods of time. She can ask Alexa to play the latest episode of a podcast, or add ‘pizza dough’ to her grocery list, or even start a meditation session.

One reviewer reported that the Echo earbuds have “Great craftsmanship, solid design and feel...Good noise cancellation, deep bass, high trebles and the best part of all: Alexa at the ready. Pretty cool to just be able to say what song to play and there it goes.”

$70 $120 at Amazon

For moms who cook: Amazon Echo Show 8

She'll get step-by-step recipe instructions on this Echo Show 8 smart display. (Photo: Amazon)
She'll get step-by-step recipe instructions on this Echo Show 8 smart display. (Photo: Amazon)

With an 8-inch HD touchscreen, stereo speakers and a 13 megapixel camera, the Echo Show 8 can cover a lot of ground. Mom can watch TV shows and movies, listen to music, make video calls, control her smart home, access traffic reports, and best of all, get step-by-step instructions for recipes! It’s an excellent countertop companion for all her daily to-dos, especially with Alexa helping out.

“It’s perfect!" says one customer. "Great picture, sounds nice, response time is quick and video call quality is great. The size is perfect… definitely better than my phone for watching videos while moving around the kitchen.”

$95 $130 at Amazon

For coffee (or tea)-crazy moms: Ember Temperature Controlled Mug

This sleek mug can keep Mom's beverage warm for up to 1.5 hours! (Photo: Amazon)
This sleek mug can keep Mom's beverage warm for up to 1.5 hours! (Photo: Amazon)

For busy moms, drinking a hot cup of joe is like trying to find a swear word in a Hallmark movie: just not going to happen. Many moms can’t slow down long enough to enjoy coffee while it’s still hot, so they need a mug that can keep up with them. The Ember Mug lets her choose the temperate she likes her beverages (up to a piping hot 145 degrees) and keeps it there for up to 1.5 hours. Mom can even control the mug from her smartphone so she can change the temperature as she multitasks.

“I had a friend who owned one and kept raving about it so I thought I would buy it as a gift for my sister for Christmas. She also raved so much about it, and told me how she uses it not just for coffee but her oatmeal and soups. I thought ...I have to get one for myself," writes one thrilled reviewer. "One of the best purchases I have made...I absolutely love it. I use it 2-3 times a day. It keeps my coffee and tea at a perfect temperature. I would not hesitate to recommend it.”

$130 at Amazon

For moms who carry everything but the kitchen sink: SOI Mini Handbag illuminator

Find anything in your purse easily with this illuminator. (Photo: Amazon)
She'll be able to find anything in her purse easily with this illuminator. (Photo: Amazon)

If she's been known to dump out her purse in order to find something, then you can likely see the utility in a handbag illuminator. The SOI Mini is a small disc that lights up when it senses an approaching hand and then automatically switches off after ten seconds. This Mini version fits into a variety of purses, including clutches and totes, and is also useful on nightstands or in bathrooms, RVs and car trunks.

One user shares: “This little light is smooth and kind of saucer shaped. It really does light up the inside of whatever you put it in and stays on a few seconds and then fades out. I got it for my cavernous bags so I can see what’s in there, down in the depths as it were. This is a nice design, seems to consistently work and helps me see what’s in there. I think it’s a cool little tool!”

$20 $25 at Amazon

For snap-happy moms: HP Sprocket Instant Photo Printer

Better than a Polaroid — an instant photo printer that's easy to carry anywhere! (Photo: Amazon)
Better than a Polaroid — an instant photo printer that's easy to carry anywhere! (Photo: Amazon)

While smartphones have made it easy for her to snap a pic anytime, anywhere, getting prints of those memories won't be as easy unless she has a portable photo printer like the HP Sprocket. The 4.6 x 3.1 x 0.98 inch device creates 2 x 3 color prints on zink, a special sticky-backed paper. It easily connects to any phone or tablet with Bluetooth to make printing painless. Use the on-page coupon to get it for $65 now (was $80).

“The genius here is that you can call up your photo archive and make super crisp, Post-It style photos," one happy customer points out. "The Sprocket was very easy to set up and I was making prints in minutes...These are wonderful for dropping into a note, letter or thank you…. Just so much fun.”

$65 $80 at Amazon

For misplacing moms: Tile Mate Essentials 4-pack

Easily keep track of essentials with a Tile Bluetooth tracker. (Photo: Amazon)
She'll easily keep track of essentials with a Tile Bluetooth tracker. (Photo: Amazon)

From car keys to remote controls, there’s a Tile tracker that can prevent her from spending her morning turning over the couch cushions. The Tile is a small sensor that tracks the attached object via Bluetooth and is synched to a smartphone. If that object — say, her wallet or glasses case — goes missing, she can use the app to audibly ring the attached Tile tracker. All she needs to do then is follow the sound. Alternatively, she can track her phone without having to put a Tile tracker on it. She can just double tap the Tile logo on any device and her phone will ring (even if it's on silent)! 

The Tile essentials pack comes with two standard-size square keyring Tiles, one round sticker-size and one credit card size that’s slim enough to fit into a wallet (see photo above).

A reviewer who says they’re constantly misplacing their wallet shares that the Tile tracker completely alleviates that stress. They add “It’s extremely easy to set up and use. It shows me where my wallet is on a map. And if I’m close by and still can’t find it, I can press a button on the app which causes it to make an audible beep. One of the best features is the alert/notification. Whenever I get more than a few hundred yards from my wallet, I get a notification on my phone that I left my wallet at a specific address. So if I rush out and forget it, I am notified before going to pay for something only to realize I don’t have my wallet.”

$80 for four at Amazon

For moms who practically live in their cars: YOSH Magnetic Universal Mount

Safer driving for just $9! (Photo: Amazon)
Safer driving for just $9! (Photo: Amazon)

It's one thing to know that it's important to keep your eyes on the road when driving, but it's another thing to avoid looking at your phone to check directions when you don't know the right highway exit. YOSH’s universal magnetic car mount makes it possible for Mom to do both things at once. The YOSH’s universal magnetic car mount attaches a smartphone or GPS device to her car's instrument panel, putting it close to her line of vision so she can easily peek at a map or skip a song on her playlist. 

The YOSH holder is only 1.6 inches in diameter and holds a device firmly in place with four N50 magnets. It's made from soft silicon rubber to protect both Mom's car and her mobile device from scratches. Plus, it’s easy to remove and replace so it can be used in rental cars as well.

A reviewer who gave the gadget five stars says “It is quite sturdy and when the phone is attached to the magnetic base it STAYS THERE. It is unobtrusive when you are not using it to hold your phone… We have access to everything on the dash and great visibility. It is painless to install and a marvel to use. I bought two and plan to buy several more for my friends and family as little gifts. Buy this. It is made well and you will not be disappointed!”

$9 at Amazon

For worrying moms: Blink Mini

Home security made easy courtesy of the Blink Mini camera! (Photo: Amazon)
Home security made easy, courtesy of the Blink Mini camera! (Photo: Amazon)

Setting up her home with smart cameras might seem intimidating but the Blink Mini cameras are easy to install and use. They will provide a 1080p HD camera feed right to her phone, and have motion detection alerts and two-way audio. The live view can be accessed at any time from Mom's phone and she can hear and speak to people through the Blink Mini. It also works with any Alexa-enabled device so she can say “Alexa, show me the camera” to get a quick look at what’s happening — even if she's miles away.

One reviewer says she bought two Blink Mini cameras to use as baby monitors: “These were super easy to set up and the picture quality is great. I love that I now have all of my cameras on a single app. These do everything that I need them to. They have a great wide field of view and...pick up nearly all of an average sized bedroom. The night vision is good. The audio is great and I was surprised how good the speaker is on the camera itself! I can talk from my phone to the camera and it actually sounds good and intelligible.”

$20 $35 at Amazon

For literature-loving moms: Kindle Paperwhite

Take thousands of books anywhere -- even the bath. (Photo: Amazon)
Take thousands of books anywhere — even the bath. (Photo: Amazon)

If the mom you’re shopping for doesn’t already have an e-reader, now is the perfect time to treat her to one! The new Kindle Paperwhite has a 6.8-inch display with adjustable light and a glare-free screen so it’s easy to read even in bright sunlight. The device has 8GB of storage to hold thousands of books and up to 10 weeks of battery life! 

Books can even be read aloud to the user through an Audible subscription and headphones. This handy device is also waterproof enough to withstand accidental immersion, so reading at the beach, pool or in the bath is safe.

A reviewer who had a previous model says “I love it. It is zippy, the text is crisp and clear and the backlighting is wonderful. I actually love the bigger size. I’ve read four books in as many days on it and I just adore it.”

$140 at Amazon

For Moms who hold movie nights: Amazon Fire TV Stick

Alexa, show me Christmas movies. (Photo: Amazon)
Alexa, show me Christmas movies. (Photo: Amazon)

The Fire TV Stick is a small dongle that is plugged into a TV to give Mom access to millions of movies and TV episodes — she can stream from services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ or Peacock and play music, podcasts or audiobooks. It supports HDR, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos, making for an extremely clear picture and theatre-level audio. Best of all, it’s on sale right now for only $25.

Many folks love the Fire TV Stick because of its Alexa Voice Remote, which allows users to search, launch shows and control other smart home devices with a voice command. The Fire TV Stick has more than 620,000 five-star reviews. One of those reviewers, who said the Fire TV Stick was the best purchase they’ve made in ages, adds “The picture is amazing! It’s like getting a new television set!”

$25 $40 at Amazon

For tech-obsessed moms: Kasa Smart Home Plug (2-Pack)

Make lamps, lights and fans smarter with just a plug! (Photo: Amazon)
Make lamps, lights and fans smarter with a simple plug! (Photo: Amazon)

If Mom's home has an Alexa device or she uses a Google Assistant, she can add voice control to any outlet with the Kasa smart home plug. Set up is easy — just plug in the Kasa, open the app and follow the instructions. Viola! The outlet is now connected so Mom can turn electronics on or off, use a timer or schedule appliances to turn on or off. She can also use her voice to control lights, fans or more — making her whole home a little bit smarter!

One reviewer shares: “Set up was a piece of cake, just plug them in and use the Kasa app to configure them. You can also control these by voice if you’re an Echo user — adding them as new devices is easily done through the Alexa app. They are small and unobtrusive… and because they are so compact, you can plug two of them in at the same outlet. They require no hub since they connect via WiFi — this is a huge plus! They are very easy to control with the Kasa app, which is well designed and fairly intuitive.”

from $16 at Amazon

For moms who always need to charge: Essentials Catch 3

Keep all your devices ready to go with this wireless charging mat. (Photo: Amazon)
Keep all her devices ready to go with this wireless charging mat. (Photo: Amazon)

Keep Mom powered up with this sleek wireless charging valet station. Available in natural, charcoal or camel hues, this 11 x 8 x 0.69 inch Essentials Catch 3 wireless charging pad can also corral accessories like keys, watches and glasses. It's compatible with any smartphone, tablet or smartwatch that supports wireless charging and has three large coils to reduce dead zones. The high-grade mat is durable and looks stylish with a variety of décor. Plus, having one place to group daily essentials will help her keep track of it all! 

One reviewer says “I love this! It’s perfect for a unisex gift for the holidays! I use it in my kitchen with my fall display and put my phone on it whenever I come home from running errands. It also charges my AirPods!”

$100 at Amazon

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