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The best Sur La Table Black Friday cookware deals of 2023

sur la table items on sale: roasting pan, red Dutch oven, saucepan
Been lusting after a Le Creuset Dutch oven or All-Clad saucepan? Sur La Table's early Black Friday sale is your chance to save! (Sur La Table)

[Editor’s note: We’re updating our coverage daily, so check out today’s best Sur La Table Black Friday deals here! The original story is below.]

Black Friday might be two weeks away, but the deals are already rolling in. One of the hottest early Black Friday events right now is this Sur La Table cookware sale, where you can get high-end brands like Le Creuset and All-Clad for up to 60% off. These well-crafted, durable brands come highly recommended by pros (Ina Garten is a fan), thanks to their sturdy construction and timeless good looks. They can truly last a lifetime, but they can also cost a pretty penny. That's why we’re so excited that Sur La Table is having this sale. The go-to retailer for all things culinary (you can even take an in-person or online Sur La Table cooking class) is offering a chance to grab forever pieces at a limited-time discount — including a roasting pan and Dutch oven that are sure to come in handy while you're preparing your Thanksgiving dinner. Here are a few of our favorite items currently on sale, and be sure to check back in on Cyber Monday for even more delicious deals!

Everyone needs a top-notch 12-inch pan, and few are better than this All-Clad beauty. With five-layer construction and a patented stainless-steel core that heats evenly, it's perfect for both gas and induction cooking. The ergonomic handle and tight-fitting lid are a pleasure. You can feel like a pro while frying eggs and bacon or searing a steak. This price drop is wild: It's nearly 50% off! The perfect gift for a young person just beginning to get serious about cooking (and, of course, you need one for yourself).

"I would recommend this skillet and lid if you are a serious cook and like to put a good sear on what you fry," raved a five-star reviewer. "This skillet makes your seared scallops look like they came out of a restaurant kitchen."

$150 at Sur La Table

All-Clad’s stainless steel saucepans are great for making soups and, yes, sauces. This 3-quart pot has a thick aluminum core for efficient heat distribution, and the stainless steel finish is not only durable but also attractive. The saucepans are available in various sizes, from one to four quarts, and all have sturdy solid-cast handles and lids that fit tightly to hold in moisture while cooking. That said, this is currently the only model on sale — get it for $60 off!

"This small pot is perfect for everything from cooking oatmeal to more complex sauces and soups," wrote a satisfied shopper. "I use it every day and find that it manages temperatures well, with no burning — even at higher temps."

$120 at Sur La Table

A high-quality roasting pan is a must for Thanksgiving turkey, but also for chicken, beef or duck the rest of the year. This one by All-Clad is up to any task, thanks to its durable construction, warp-resistant bonded base and straight sides that help prevent splatter. It comes with a nonstick V-shaped rack that lets you collect juices at the bottom of the pan while keeping the skin crisp. The current price is fantastic — it’s 55% off just in time for the holidays.

"I LOVE this new pan!" exclaimed a happy home cook. "It was perfect for the standing rib roast that I cooked for Christmas dinner, and not only did the roast turn out beautifully, the pan was super easy to clean afterwards. I would highly recommend it; it is a great size (not too large or heavy), extremely well-built, quality materials and craftsmanship and it was perfect for my roasting needs."

$130 at Sur La Table

Dutch ovens are the perfect vessel for large family meals, whether roasting a chicken, deep-frying or simmering a ragu for hours (can't you just smell it from here?). Le Creuset makes some of the best Dutch ovens out there, and they're beautiful, to boot. This round stunner is cast iron and enamel, polished and finished by hand; the colorful exterior is designed to resist chipping. It retains heat brilliantly. This 3.5-quart model is ideal for smaller households and won't take up much space — and you'll save $110 with this deal.

"This is an incredibly versatile and useful pot," gushed a Le Creuset convert. "I love cookware that serves multiple functions, and this one does just that. I use this pot to cook soups, stews, beans, lentils, rice, risotto, edamame, pasta sauce, quick vegetable stocks and blanched veggies. I use this pot so much that it doesn't even go into a cabinet. I just leave it on the cooktop after cleaning it. ... I got the 3.5-quart pot and it is the perfect size for how I cook. ... This pot looks every bit as good as it cooks."

$250 at Sur La Table

Though Le Creuset is most famous for its enameled cast iron cookware, it also makes stoneware that’s ideal for baking and casseroles. These square dishes have a lovely finish that's resistant to chips and cracks; and since the surface is nonporous, it won’t absorb odors or flavors. The handles make them easy to take out of the oven, and they’re so pretty, they can go straight to the table, filled with lasagna, roasted veggies or desserts. This set of two bakers is available in eight colors, from neutrals like white and beige to bolds like red and this pretty blue. Snag this duo while it's just $55 — you can split them up as gifts, or give the set.

"I bring these out for the holidays," wrote a festive fan. "Great pieces if you're going for a certain look at the dinner table. I've never had any issues with these dishes baking my foods unevenly, either."

$55 at Sur La Table

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