The Best Beauty Looks from 'Empire' Season One


Wednesday night marked the season finale of Fox’s hit show "Empire," so we're taking a look back at the most glamorous beauty looks from the rave first season. But first, we had to talk to Beverly Jo Pryor, the makeup department head for the show. Pryor got her start in makeup working as a sales merchandiser and beauty consultant with Max Factor and has gone on to work on films like "Selma," "The Butler," and "Ali." Most recently she was responsible for all of Cookie Lyon’s (played by Taraji P. Henson) fiercest looks.

Yahoo Beauty: How did you come up with Cookie’s look on the show?
Beverly Jo Pryor: Taraji P. Henson and I decided on her look together. [Creator] Lee Daniels has a lot of input too.

How do you know when you’ve got the look right?
When she is in my chair, after I complete her look I always ask her, “Do you feel like Cookie?” It’s the same question after every look.

How would you describe her makeup?

Cookie’s look is fierce—it goes with the character.

Do you have a favorite Cookie beauty moment?

I loved the look when she wore thepurple fur and fusion lipstick.This particular one sticks out in my mind, but all of the looks are fierce!

There are a lot of flashbacks on the show. What inspired those looks, and how did you use makeup to make the characters appear younger?
Less makeup is always best when I worked on those characters. Remember, the look goes back 17 years, so it was all about creativity. Less worked for Cookie, up to a little more.

How do you keep the makeup looking fresh through the more dramatic scenes? There are a lot of tears on "Empire."

I use a waterproof setting powder, and it is about touch ups in between each cut.

From Cookie’s bold lips to Camilla Marks’ (played by supermodel Naomi Campbell) enviable fringe, click through this slideshow for the looks that have made this first season extra amazing.

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