The 8 Best Brow Products


Photo: Sabine Villiard/Trunk Archive

Like the Kardashians, bold eyebrows aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, cosmetic companies now offer more brow pencils, pomades, gels and pens than ever before. If you have brow envy like I do (mine are about as sparse as they get), check out these eight excellent shapers with textures and finishes that just might pleasantly surprise you. If anything, they’ll get you one step closer to Cara Delevingne heaven.

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Tom Ford Brow Sculptor ($44)

Always in a rush in the mornings? With its angled flat tip that can go wide or narrow (use the corner), this Tom Ford product is a versatile no-brainer. The formula also strikes a lovely balance between waxy and powdery for lasting power that’s also easy to apply.

MAC Cosmetics Eye Brows ($16)

When it comes to matching brows, dirty blondes have to strike a balance between the high and low lights in their tresses. This MAC classic in Fling has a super precise, self-sharpening tip and very believable color. One knock: you’ll have to replenish often as there isn’t much product per pencil.

Armani Eye & Brow Maestro ($34)

With a slightly shimmery finish (to emulate the natural gloss of real hair— genius!), this newcomer to the scene is excellent for filling in sparser brows. And there’s a great, tough-to-come-by auburn hue for redheads.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade ($18)

This waterproof pomade lasts. Like the Armani Eye & Brow Maestro, the product can cover a lot of ground and is especially smart for night when you can dare to go bolder and darker. If you don’t already own one, you’ll need to splurge for an angled brush, as it’s tough to deal with the pot-style formula with anything else.

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Suqqu Eyebrow Liquid Pen ($31)

Liquid liners aren’t just for lash lines anymore. From Japan, comes this slickly packaged liquid eyebrow pen that has been a hit with the YouTube beauty set (see: Lisa Eldridge). The color is on the subtle end of the spectrum, but if you have jet-black strands the “moss-green” color is a winner. It actually comes off as the perfect brown-gray blend with just a hint of green.  Unfortunately the brand isn’t currently stocked in the U.S., but you can score it through Selfridge’s online store with international shipping.

Bobbi Brown Brow Shaper and Hair Touch-Up ($22)

Shaped like a mascara wand, this formula is a wonderful groomer if you’re already blessed with some brow hair to begin with. The brush applicator is particularly adept at covering grays.

NARS Eyeshadow in Bali ($25)

A favorite at fashion shows backstage, this powder for brunettes is actually an eye shadow. No matter—the matte formula is a true multi-tasker, working well for brows and lids alike.

NYX Eyebrow Shaper ($9)

Sometimes, a little grooming is all the enhancement you need. In that case, this clever and affordable wax stick fits the bill. It not only holds unruly brows in place, but it also adds just a hint of flattering shine.