Chubba, Panda and Moon: Yahoo Sports' 2020 National Signing Day All-Name Team

Welcome to a tradition unlike any other: The National Signing Day All-Name Team.

Wednesday was the first day where players in the high school class of 2020 could sign with their college teams of choice. Players didn’t have to sign Wednesday. They can sign anytime through Friday if they want to commit during the early signing period. Or they can also wait until February, the traditional National Signing Day date.

Our class of 2020 team is Smart, Savage, doesn’t have an Adonis complex and may also bear the name of a famous brewery and figure in American history. Here it is in all its glory.

For a full list of team recruiting rankings from Rivals, click here.

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Chubba Purdy, Florida State

Tate Rodemaker, Florida State

Gavin Beerup, Wyoming

Running Back

Israel Abanikanda, Pitt

Cartavious Bigsby, Auburn

Jo’Quavious Marks, Mississippi State

Wide Receiver

Ja’Quavion Fraziars, Florida

Cassius Savage, San Diego State

DeMeer Blankumsee, Toledo

Montana Lemonious-Craig, Colorado

Tight End

Maximilian Mang, Syracuse

Dominic Mammarelli, Miami

Offensive line

Cade Kootsouradis, Georgia Tech

Wing Green, Georgia Tech

Delmar Glaze, Maryland

Micah Mazzccua, Michigan

Aireontae Ersery, Minnesota

Kohl Herbolsheimer, Wyoming

Hadley Panzer, Kansas State

Panda Askew, Charlotte

Smart Chibuzo, Texas A&M

Gaard Memmelaar, Washington (yes, he’s a guard)


Abner Dubar, Minnesota

Mookie Cooper, Ohio State

Koby Hathcock, Iowa State

Sam Adams, Washington


Defensive Line

Yahya Black, Iowa

Pheldarius Payne, Nebraska

DeVere Levelston, SMU

Chevez Trask, Temple

Deandre Dingle-Prince, App State

Cody Stufflebean, Kansas State

Demon Clowney, unsigned

Nash Hutmatcher, Nebraska

Coziah Izzard, Penn State

Adonis Friloux, Houston

Jaden Muskrat, Tulsa

Nazir Stackhouse, Georgia


Bengally Kamara, Pitt

Ruben Hyppolite, Maryland

Osman Savage, Michigan

Jaqwondis Burns, Minnesota

Bodie Schoonover, BYU

Moon Ashby, Washington State

Defensive Back

Ja’Qurious Conley, North Carolina

Lem Neely-Watley, Indiana

Lejond Cavazos, Ohio State

Eric Doctor, East Carolina

Romaine Robinson, Navy

Comanche Francisco, Charlotte

Major Burns, Georgia

O’Donnell Fortune, South Carolina


Kicker: Brock Travelstead, Louisville

Punter: Kai Kroeger, South Carolina

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