Teyana Taylor Gifted Special 'Rose in Harlem' Air Jordans to Her Pal, Lil Wayne

teyana taylor's birthday party
Teyana Taylor Gifted Special Jordans to Lil WayneJohnny Louis - Getty Images

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Everywhere you look, it seems like people are gifting free Air Jordans to each other. Larsa Pippen got free Jordans from Marcus Jordan. The Huston Astros got free Jordans from Travis Scott. The news editor for Best Products ... has not gotten free Jordans yet, but is open to them.

And the latest recipient of some limited-edition 'Rose in Harlem' kicks is rapper Lil Wayne, who, interestingly enough, recently revealed that his next album, Tha Carter VI, is coming. Interestingly because, when the now 40-year-old Wayne dropped the original installment of his Tha Carter sextilogy in 2004, the person who recently gifted him those Jordans wasn't even able to go to a PG-13 movie by herself.

That's because those 'Rose in Harlem' Jordans came courtesy of Teyana Taylor. According to HipHopDX, they were given as a thank you to Lil Wayne for attending Taylor's Dirty Thirty birthday party in Miami, Florida back in 2020, and for the actual roses he gifted her upon his arrival there.

Wayne took to social media to showcase the shoes. "These b****es is beautiful," he said in a post on the Young Money social channels. "Also, you told me it was because of the roses that I gave you and thank you. You ain’t gotta give me nothing back. I can’t match this."

HipHopDX also notes that the shoes, "so named after Teyana’s 2018 song 'Rose in Harlem,'" are a teaser for Taylor's upcoming collaboration with Nike. Between this sneaker collaboration and her recently announced casting in a Dionne Warwick biopic, Taylor is having, as they say, "a major moment." Which is what makes the recent Lil Wayne gift, and the recently announced Tha Carter sequel, all the more interesting a connection.

After all, back in 2007, when Lil Wayne was having his own "major moment," Teyana Taylor first entered the public eye. That's right, the same year Lil Wayne was the biggest name in hip-hop, when The New Yorker named him "Rapper of the Year" and Tha Carter III was on the horizon, Teyana Taylor made her first television appearance, on My Super Sweet 16.

It's highly likely Taylor is the first My Super Sweet Sixteen star to get their own like of sneakers, but maybe she won't be the last. After all, Audrey recently went viral on TikTok, apparently. Maybe she'll get her own pair, too. Just make sure not to give it to her at "the wrong time."

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