Texas Woman Shamed by Walmart Employee for Breastfeeding

breastfeeding shaming walmart
A mother in Killeen, Texas, took to Facebook to share a story of being shamed in a Walmart store for breastfeeding her baby. (Photo: Getty Images)

A central Texas woman has taken to Facebook after she was confronted by a Walmart employee for breastfeeding her infant.

Heather Shannon was shopping with a friend at the Walmart on Lowe’s Boulevard in Killeen, Texas, when her baby began to cry. While Texas law states that mothers can breastfeed on any public or private property they’re authorized to be on, a sales associate still approached Shannon.

The mother of two was told that the manager had a policy that prohibits breastfeeding without a cover or shield. Shannon argued with the employee briefly before leaving. She shared her story on Facebook, saying:

“I just thought I would share for any other breastfeeding mommies that apparently some manager at the Walmart in Killeen has a ‘policy’ to use a cover while breastfeeding or you’ll be asked to leave.

I was told this by an employee while checking out and I tried to explain that I can legally breastfeed in public, that Texas has laws saying I can and nowhere does it say you have to use a cover.

She just said ‘well for next time you know’ because the manager doesn’t allow it. I try to be discreet without using a cover because my daughter is 9 months old and pulls them off but it was really embarrassing having this lady confront me in front of strangers so I just walked out…”

The story made the local news, and WAFF 48 reached out to the store manager for comment. The manager responded that he was “unaware of the situation” but would address it with his employees.

A spokesman from Walmart’s corporate press office told WAFF 48, “We welcome nursing mothers to breastfeed their child in our store. We apologize to the customer for her experience and appreciate her for bringing this matter to our attention.”

A number of bills are being considered by Texas legislators to strengthen existing breastfeeding laws.

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