Texas teen looks a lot like Naomi Campbell

This aspiring model looks just like Naomi Campbell. (Photo: Twitter/@Mary_GHz)
This aspiring model looks just like Naomi Campbell. (Photo: Twitter/@Mary_GHz)

Mary Ntiamoah is an 18-year-old aspiring model who needed quite a bit of convincing before she posted some of her photos on Twitter. Once she did, followers made a big connection that could launch her into a successful modeling career.

Through photos that she posted on the social media platform, it’s evident that the Ghanaian beauty bears a strong resemblance to supermodel Naomi Campbell, and followers are freaking out about it.

“So a lot of people have been telling me to model so I’m giving it a shot,” Ntiamoah tweeted, along with some posed photos, mentioning that a simple retweet could provide her with some sort of opportunity. But she never expected over 19,000 retweets.

From individuals who just want to support the Texas teen and her big dreams, to those who can’t possibly scroll past the post without mentioning her resemblance to Campbell, the reactions are amazingly sweet.

The high schooler tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she gets the comparison on a regular basis, but it’s still shocking to see so many strangers agree.

“I started getting told I looked like Naomi Campbell my freshman year at Lake Ridge High School. Ever since then, everywhere I go, people tell me I look like her every day,” she says. “But hundreds of people saying I look like Naomi Campbell. … I was in shock.”

Being the supermodel’s doppelgänger goes even further than looks. Ntiamoah points out that her birthday is just one day after Campbell’s. From the evident similarities, it’s no surprise that the teen has looked up to the catwalk queen for almost her entire life.

“I’ve always been told to model, ever since I was little. It’s also been something I really, really wanted to do when I was young,” Ntiamoah explains. “I watched a lot of modeling shows, like America’s Next Top Model and The Face. My family would usually joke around and say, ‘That’s gonna be you,’ but we always laughed about it, and never really took it seriously.”

Even after someone whom the teen refers to as her “guardian angel” convinced her to share the photos and her aspirations to become a model, Ntiamoah admits that she was worried that nobody would even notice her post. Luckily, that wasn’t the case.

Now, Ntiamoah says she’s been responding to a number of messages from photographers who want to photograph her in the hopes of kicking off her career.

“I just hope and pray that I go far as a model,” she says — and we have no doubt that she will.

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