Texas man saves 94-year-old woman driving down highway in wrong direction


Thomas Prado of Lubbock, Texas, was driving on Highway 183, between Seymour and Mabelle, when he saw a 94-year-old woman driving the wrong way on the highway.

Prado immediately jumped into action as the woman drove full speed toward oncoming traffic. In a nail-biting video, which he shared on Facebook, he can be seen trying to speed in front of her, getting out of his car and urging her to stop. When that didn’t work, he risked his own safety by driving on the wrong side of the road to help the woman.

“I drive 537 miles a day so I see many wild things on the road but absolutely nothing this terrifying!” Prado, a delivery driver, wrote on Facebook. “I was passing through Stamford, Texas this morning when me and the 18wheeler beside both had to swerve from hitting this 94yr old women coming towards traffic on the highway.”

Thomas Prado took action when he saw a woman driving the wrong way on a Texas highway
Thomas Prado took action when he saw a woman driving the wrong way on a Texas highway, and quite possibly saved her life and others. (Photo: Thomas Prado via Facebook)

Workers from Higher Power Electrical in Abilene blocked off traffic, and eventually the woman stopped driving, at which point Prado was able to get her into her car’s passenger seat.

Prado knew that the woman was extremely confused. She informed him that she had an appointment at 8 a.m., yet it was already 9 a.m. at the time he stopped her. When he asked if there was anyone he could call, a husband or a family member, she told him, “I have a cat.”

“When she told me that all I remember is that I thought, ‘I want to get you home to your cat,’” he told KCBD News.

Local authorities arrived shortly after Prado was able to get the woman to stop, and KCBD News is reporting that the woman is doing OK.

Prado says that he doesn’t want praise for his deed, he just hopes that others will be encouraged to look after the elderly. Despite that, plenty of people are offering Prado kind words on Facebook.

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