I Tested the Internet's Favorite Billie Razor, and I Have *Thoughts*

Ama Kwarteng
·5 min read

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My day-to-day shaving routine used to be super chaotic. My cheap dollar-store razor always found a way to leave behind cuts, irritated blotches of skin, and patches of hair. Sometimes I'd even wonder if it was worth shaving in the first place if my legs looked worse post-shave. I was ready to give up shaving completely, but then one day, I was scrolling through my IG feed and noticed ad after ad for Billie's razor subscription service.

NGL, it was the cute packaging that mainly drew me in (it’s so chic!!), but I was also curious if the razors lived up to the hype. That's why I decided to do some investigative reporting—keep reading for my full review of Billie razors.

How does the Billie razor subscription work?

When you sign up for Billie, your first shipment is a Starter Kit that includes a Billie handle, a magnetic razor holder, and two razor cartridges. The best part? The whole thing comes in at a v reasonable $10 (and with free shipping, NBD). After you get the kit, you'll get sent four refill blades (the frequency is up to you—you can get refills as much as once a month or as little as once every three months) for $10 per shipment.

And, yes, I know you're thinking it: That is a lot cheaper than your traditional razor. Billie is so affordable because there’s no pink tax up-charge (aka the extra cost added on to certain personal hygiene products—like razors—for no real reason. Love the patriarchy!).

To get started, Billie has you complete a three-question survey to nail down your shaving needs. First, you choose your preferred razor color—I went with Coral, but it also comes in DreamPop (purple and pink), Blush, Periwinkle, and Cool Blue. You’ll then answer a question about how often you shave to figure out your shipment schedule. I shave around a few times a week, so Billie set me up with their bimonthly plan.

Before checking out, you then have the option to add on any of the brand's other products, like shaving cream, a travel case for your razor, biodegradable face wipes, or body lotion. I decided to throw in the shaving cream for $8. My total cost (the subscription service plus the shaving cream) came out to $18. Not bad, especially considering how much money I’ve wasted on shitty razors in the past.

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Is the Billie razor really that good?

Ummm, yes. I know this sounds way overdramatic, but these razors high-key changed my life. Here's why:

1. The 5-blade razors give you a super-close shave

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My body hair texture falls somewhere between medium and coarse, which means it usually takes several passes with my normal razor to get rid of my leg and underarm hair. But with the Billie Razor, I noticed that my hair was gone in one to two passes—it was a literal game changer (and time-saver) for me. It’s all thanks to the 5-blade razor head. The sharp blades allow for a suuuper close shave with basically no irritation.

2. It has an easy-to-grip handle and flexible head

I’m hella clumsy, especially when I’m trying to shave in the shower. The flimsy plastic handles always find a way to slip out of my hand, leaving behind cuts on their journey to the bathtub floor. Billie’s razor handles are made out of rubber and they have a matte finish, making it extra easy to hold on to while you’re shaving.

Plus, the Starter Kit comes with a magnetic razor holder that you can stick onto your shower wall. It’s a lot better than setting your razor on your bathtub rim where it ends up falling off, like, every two seconds. I could just pop the razor on and off the holder, keeping it in a place that’s easy-to-reach and super secure. Oh, and the razor head is amazing. It’s pretty flexible, so it’s able to get into the hard-to-reach shaving spots with very little resistance.

3. There’s a built-in lather bar in the razor head

Even though I love using shaving cream, you don’t really need it when you’re using a Billie razor. The razor heads are surrounded by a built-in layer of soap, so it slides right over your skin with no problem. I can already see this coming in handy for those mid-shower moments when I realize that I’m out of shaving cream.

The final verdict

If you’re #TeamRazors when it comes to getting rid of your body hair, you should for sure give the Billie subscription a try. It’s really convenient (the razors are delivered right to your door) and it’s pretty affordable (remember: there’s no pink tax added on). Basically, it makes the shaving experience way less stressful. And if for some reason you decide that you’re not into the service anymore, you can cancel anytime for no additional cost.

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