Tessa Thompson's Ripped Arms In 'Thor' Are Breaking The Internet

Photo credit: Leon Bennett - Getty Images
Photo credit: Leon Bennett - Getty Images
  • Tessa Thompson is starring in another Thor movie that comes out this July, and a new photo of her looking super intense is currently wreaking havoc on the internet.

  • The actress, 38, is rocking some arms that are beyond sculpted. She looks *so* strong.

  • Tessa previously said she put on 15 lbs for an earlier Thor film.

If you don’t know Tessa Thompson by now...where have you been!?

This badass actress and singer has starred in all sorts of popular movies and TV shows Westworld, Creed, and Men In Black to name a few. She stopped me dead in my tracks with this legendary Met Gala look. The heels! The hair! And again in this positively adorable pink fit this year.

Tessa, 38, is hitting the big screen again for the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, which will be released in July. And some sneak peeks of Tessa and Natalie Portman during filming make it clear that both women are rocking some ripped arms. Seriously, Tessa is looking superhero fit while promoting the film!

Photo credit: Marvel Studios - Marvel Comics
Photo credit: Marvel Studios - Marvel Comics

It was one of the star’s goals to look just as buff as her character, Valkyrie, is in the comics, and she is delivering. Tessa told CBR she added an extra 15 lbs of muscle for Thor: Ragnarok in 2017.

Meanwhile, when fans saw recent pics of Tessa's arms during filming, they kinda went wild.

“I like sort of bucking this conventional idea of a woman is beautiful or sexy if she’s sort of thin," Tessa told CBR back in 2017. "She’s felt, but you can’t really see her strength. I like the idea that she can just be ripped like Valkyrie is in the comics. Yeah, I found that sort of essential, that not really caring about how I looked, but caring more about how I felt. I felt so strong, and in my skin.”

Tessa also told the outlet she did all the stunt choreography alongside her seasoned co-star Chris Hemsworth! “It felt good to be able to be on par with everyone around me,” she shared.

But it wasn't all weight lifting ahead of shoots. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Tessa got into her time filming the movie in Australia, and she certainly was busy! She went “wombatting,” and saw Tazmanian devils, and kangaroos on her days off, she said.

She also dished a bit about her favorite foods — including some nice eggplant parmesan. Tessa describes herself as “flexitarian,” meaning that she doesn’t eat meat often, but isn’t too strict about the whole "vegetarian" thing.

We already know Tessa loves a good meal! In 2017, the star was dining out when a waiter told her the pasta she was interested in was "too big" a serving for "a lady".

“Game on, friend,” she tweeted at the time.

A relatable (and strong) queen!

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