Tess Holliday credits 'divorce' for her flawless makeup-free complexion

Tess Holliday says that "divorce" is her number one skincare tip. (Photo: Getty Images)
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Tess Holliday is showing off her glowing complexion and giving away her biggest skincare secrets.

The 35-year-old plus-size model and influencer shared a fresh-faced selfie on her Instagram on Wednesday, revealing that “divorce” is her No. 1 skincare tip. And, she added, “Cutting off toxic relationships.”

The mother of two came out as pansexual in July 2019 while married to Australian businessman Nick Holliday. In an interview with Parents in Jan. 2020, she alluded to their separation. And in October, Tess seemingly confirmed their split in an Instagram post.

“Cut a boy off and my checks got bigger,” she captioned the revealing selfie.

“Sometimes the ones who love us the most are the ones who hold us back the most,” someone commented.

On Friday, Tess posted a series of tweets sharing her own “guilt” for not speaking more about her divorce, her children and her wellness routines. “It can help others,” she wrote. “But god I just don’t want to.”

She also admitted that she’s been struggling to feel good about herself and her body.

As of Wednesday’s selfie, it seems that Tess is taking self-love in strides, as she shows off her makeup-free beauty.

“You’re glowing,” a follower wrote.

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