Terrified Rescue Dog's Transformation After One Day Out of the Shelter Is Remarkable

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Darla was so happy to finally be in her foster home.

Shelters can be very traumatic and scary places for rescue dogs, especially when they are crowded and noisy. It can be difficult for rescue dogs to adapt to these conditions, and as a result, they may have their true personalities misrepresented. One foster mom realized this was the case for her foster pup and captured her real personality in this video.

Samson's Sanctuary is a dog rescue and rehoming organization in Los Angeles. On their TikTok, @samsonssanctuary, they recently shared a video of one of their rescues, a Shar Pei puppy named Darla, who had been deemed "shutdown and snappy" by her previous shelter. However, after just a little bit of time with her foster mom, they found out that Darla is much different that she was originally perceived. Check out the video to catch a glimpse of Darla's charm!

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Aww, she is such a sweet puppy! We can't believe this dog was abandoned when she was just four months old, but we can understand how that might make her skittish in a shelter. We're so glad Darla's foster mom gave her the opportunity to show off her true self!

People in the comments were so glad Darla felt comfortable letting her guard down. @castle_queen_dfw said, "Poor baby has been in survival mode. So glad she is safe now," and @violetskys00 commented, "She doesn't seem snappy and shut down to me! Patience should be given." All Darla needed is a little bit of love and understanding, and some reassurance from her foster siblings!

Others were astounded that Darla was abandoned in the first place. @nati.g03 commented, "Who in their right mind would leave this gorgeous angel on the streets!?" and @robyom said, "How does that even happen? Humans are so disappointing." Heartbreaking stories like Darla's baffle us. How could someone look at that sweet face and do something so heartless?

 We are so glad Darla is safe and being fostered by a family who is providing the comfort and encouragement she needs to come out of her shell. We know she will get adopted in no time with her true personality on full display!