Terri Irwin Teaches Granddaughter Grace All About Wildlife in New Scenic Snaps

Bindi Irwin's daughter is a nature lover just like her grandma.

Terri Irwin shared adorable photos on Instagram of herself with granddaughter Grace Warrior, in which the two were captured in the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, trying to find wildlife in Australia. In one photo, the 59-year-old held the little one as the two smiled. In another snap, the duo gazed upwards, appearing to have found animals in the trees.

She captioned the collection of photos, "Grace is helping me spot wildlife at the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve. I love her so very much!"

Grace's mom commented under the post, "I love you both so much ❤️."

Fans were also touched by seeing Grace follow her late grandfather Steve Irwin's footsteps. "Steve's legacy is in safe hands❤️," shared a fan. "Man oh man how Steve would have doted on that baby!! Such a sweet blessing to have each other," wrote another. Someone else pointed out, "I can see Steve in Miss Grace! ❤️."

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Around the time that Terri shared the pictures, her son Robert posted a family photo featuring himself alongside his mom, as well as Bindi, Grace, and the two-year-old's dad Chandler Powell. He captioned it, "Family time at Camp Coolibah!"

Terri also gave another preview of the gathering, snapping a photo of a polaroid taken on the grounds of herself with her daughter. She accompanied it with the text, "LOVE YOU @bindisueirwin."

On the same day, Powell shared a photo of himself with Grace at the reserve, in which the child climbed a tree with her dad's help. He captioned it, "'Please be a koala in a tree?'  — Grace 🐨 Who knew there'd be koalas on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve in Far North Queensland 😂 Love building these memories with our girl."

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