Teresa Giudice Weighs in on Possibility of Ex Husband Returning to the States

Teresa Giudice still wishes the best for ex-husband Joe Giudice.

On the May 2 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa and her daughters FaceTimed with her ex while shopping for bridesmaid dresses ahead of her nuptials with Luis Ruelas.

Joe called to check in on them, and Gia answered the phone, asking, "Do you want to see your beautiful daughters?" Teresa got emotional while her girls spoke with their dad, choking back tears.

"Do you miss me?" asked Gia. "I don't know what to do with myself," responded Joe. Gia had recently visited her father in the Bahamas, where he now lives.

"She said it was her best trip ever," chimed in Teresa. Her voice began to crack as she said, "Joe, you know what I told her this morning? I'm going to keep praying every day that—I want you to come—I hope one day you can come back here."

"That's very sweet of you," said Joe. "I'm glad that youse are happy and things are going the way you are, and I appreciate everything that you're doing over there for my kids because I can't be there and everyone deserves to be happy."

He added, "As long as youse are happy, that's all that matters." When Joe said that, Teresa broke into tears, with her daughters also getting teary-eyed. Teresa also said she wishes the best for Joe.

During her confessional, Teresa said Joe wishing her happiness shows how far they've come in their post-divorce dynamic. "I'm so proud of how we've continued our relationship, you know, stayed connected. And I know that makes our daughters happy," she noted.

Joe was deported back to Italy in 2019 after serving 41 months in prison for tax fraud. Two years later, he decided to move to the Bahamas.

While on Teresa's podcast, titled Namaste B$tches, in December 2022, Joe said he picked the Caribbean spot because it's "so close to the States." He also shared that he's working in construction.

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