Tello Mobile’s New Plans Are Now Cheaper and Offer More Data

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With gas prices soaring and inflation out of control, it comes as quite a pleasant surprise that Tello Mobile has actually lowered prices and increased data allowances with its new plan lineup.

This isn’t a temporary sale or an offer just for new customers either. All customers, both new and existing, can enjoy a permanent price drop on the company’s top-tier Unlimited plan, now available for the new price of just $29 per month.

Tello has also increased the data included with its $19 and $24 monthly plans, offering even better value for its budget-savvy customers, and more peace of mind for those who lead more connected, online lives.

These new plans are available in addition to Tello’s existing low-cost offerings, including Unlimited talk and texts for just $8 per month, a 1GB data plan for $10 per month, and a 2GB plan for $14 per month.

If you’re due for a phone upgrade or want to save money on your wireless bills, now’s a great time to explore what Tello Mobile has to offer. Here’s a look at Tello’s new plans, along with their pricing and data-allowance changes.

Go Unlimited for Less

Teenage girl talking on phone
Teenage girl talking on phone

I think the biggest surprise in Tello Mobile’s new plan lineup is the permanent price drop. I’m used to my monthly subscriptions getting more expensive each year, but Tello’s Unlimited plan has been lowered from $39 per month to the new price of just $29 per month.

That means you can get unlimited data, minutes, and texts for $10 less than before, and those savings soon add up. This also includes free hotspot, Wi-Fi calling, and international calls to over 60 countries, making for quite the value proposition.

The Unlimited plan is perfect for the tech-savvy customer or someone who uses their phone for work. If you spend a lot of time online watching YouTube videos, streaming shows and movies, and downloading apps, or sharing large files and using your phone as a hotspot for your laptop on the move, this is the plan for you.

More Data, More Value—Same Price

Man video meeting on phone
Man video meeting on phone

Tello Mobile’s other new plans include data increases for those who enjoy the added value of a cheaper plan but need a little more freedom when they go online.

For $19 per month, Tello now offers 5GBs of data (previously 4GB), while it has also doubled the data allowance for its new $24 per month plan to 10GBs. Again, this is available not just for new customers; existing customers on those payment plans can also enjoy these data increases.

This is great news for families with growing teens who are demanding more and more data with each passing year, or those who only very occasionally bumped up against those previous data limits.

Why Go Tello?

Women excited holding phone
Women excited holding phone

If you’ve been looking to save money on your monthly bills, Tello aims to make the transition as seamless as possible. You can bring your current (compatible) phone with you and keep your existing phone number.

Tello’s plans are super easy to understand, with no contracts, no extra fees, and no advance payment. All Tello plans come with unlimited texting, international calls to over 60 countries, and free Wi-Fi and hotspot calling, so there’s no unnecessary confusion over what you’re getting when you sign up.

And when you do need help, Tello pledges its commitment to great customer support. Head over to to check out the new lower pricing on its Unlimited plan, as well as its other low-cost wireless deals.