Teenager slammed for ‘entitled’ response to friend’s request: ‘Disrespectful and rude’

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A 17-year-old told her friend she was “entitled” and is second-guessing the decision. 

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to explain the situation. The teen’s friend constantly complained about being “poor,” all the while flaunting the lavish gifts and clothes her parents bought her. So the Reddit user got fed up and called her out. 

“So my friend complains about being ‘poor’ A LOT,” the teenager wrote. “She’s always talking about how sad she is about her family’s financial state and how her parents can’t afford to give them anything. Here’s the thing: she lives in a very very nice house in a gated community in the suburbs. Her dad drives one of those fancy self-driving Teslas. She and all of her siblings have iPhone 10s, AirPods, MacBooks, everything technological that they want. She shops at expensive stores like Urban Outfitters and Lululemon constantly and has a ton of clothes. She and her family fly to Hawaii twice a year. On Christmas, they always get new phones and sometimes a trip to Disneyland or something.”

The 17-year-old felt her friend was totally out of line. 

“I feel like she’s either doing it for attention or being ungrateful for everything she has,” the user explained. “Yesterday when she was moaning about how sad her family is and how she wishes she could have money like some of our other friends, I confronted her and told her that she is NOT that poor, she is so lucky and well-off compared to most of the world and that it is both disrespectful and rude to complain about her state.” 

Reddit users voiced their opinions and declared the friend very much a spoiled brat. 

“Your friend sounds entitled,” one person wrote

“It sounds like she’s either looking for attention or trying to play the victim,” another said. 

“Your friend needs a reality check,” someone commented.

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