Teenager enrages parents by ‘ruining’ their punishment method: ‘It didn’t feel right’

A 19-year-old’s mom and dad accused him of interfering with their parenting when he told his little brother there were no monsters in the basement. The teenager posted what happened on Reddit’s "Am I the A******" forum. His 7-year-old brother AJ was terrified of the basement because he feared a monster lived there, . so the siblings’ parents would use the threat of being sent to the basement to get AJ to behave. But the big brother didn’t think it was fair his little brother had to live in fear, so he showed him the basement was monster-free. "My dad said I didn’t have a right to interfere with their parenting and I crossed some line," he wrote. "But also it didn’t feel right to let AJ keep being scared like that of something in the house". Reddit users understood why the brother made his choice, and largely sided with him over his parents. "What your parents were doing wasn’t parenting, it was torture," one user wrote