Teenager calls out parents after ‘horrible’ spat with her older sister

A 14-year-old has finally had it with her judgmental older sister. The teen took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum after snapping at her sibling. The 14-year-old had recently cut her hair very short and started dressing differently, which led to the older sister making rude comments. “Why did you cut your hair so short again it makes you look ugly?,” the sister asked. “She would yell things like, ‘whore,’ every time she saw me and take photos of me to send to group chats she’s in,” the girl explained. Then during dinner one day, the 14-year-old decided to stand up for herself, and things got heated. “My parents keep telling me to apologize, but I don’t think I should, considering the fact that she’s been doing this for more than 10 years”. Reddit users were sympathetic to the teen’s situation. “I am sorry your sister is so horrible,” one said