Teenager calls out mom over ‘unfair’ punishment method: ‘Strict parents make sneaky kids’

A mom fed up with her teenage son’s behavior wanted to know if her punishments were too strict. She explained on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum that she decided to take disciplinary action when she discovered her son was sneaking out to smoke marijuana. “Two weeks ago I went to go tell my son that it was time to go to bed … He wasn’t in his room, so I checked the whole house and he wasn’t anywhere. I freaked out”. The son told her he was at a nearby park. When she arrived she saw that he and his friends were smoking weed. She drove all of the boys home and then doled out the punishments. “He’s grounded … When I have to go out, I hire a babysitter … No video games or electronic devices … Forbidden from talking to the friends that he was with that night … Random room checks on him”. Now her teenage son thinks she is being unreasonable. “He keeps saying strict parents make sneaky kids”. Reddit users felt the mother was just doing her job as a parent. “Smoking weed is fine. Smoking weed at 14 isn’t. Your punishment is harsh but reasonable,” someone added