Teenager brings her stepdad to tears with 'incredible' surprise gift

A man and his stepdaughter are goingviral on Reddit, thanks to an “incredible”moment six years in the making.The heartwarming clip showsthe moment that the unnamedstepdad opens a Father’s Day presentfrom his teenage stepchild, Sophia.According to the post, Sophia would wake upevery morning for middle school with a Post-itnote on her door, always containing some sortof inspiring message from her stepfather.That was six years ago. Apparently,the stepdad believed his notes hadlong since been thrown away.In the clip the man opens his Father’s Day gift to findeach of his handwritten notes, held in a large framewith a photo of him and his daughter in the center.Choked up, he asks his daughter if they’rethe same notes from her childhood. “Yeah,I kept them all,” Sophia answers.The minute-long clip seemed to havea strong effect on several Reddit users.“Love this!!!! Love his reaction as soonas he saw it. And really says somethingabout their relationship that she savedthem all those years”.Others used the video as a chance to discussthe bond between a stepparent and their stepchild,with many agreeing that biology has little to dowith forming such an important family bond.“Stepdad my a*** — that is herDAD in every way that counts”

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