Teenage 'Wheel of Fortune' Player and WWE Fan Secures Spot at Event

From 'WOF' to 'WWE,' Forrest is living out his teenage dreams!

It's not every day that a Wheel of Fortune episode helps a contestant live out their dream, but it did exactly that for one teen earlier this week.

The contestant in question was a young man introduced by the show's host, Pat Sajak, as a wrestling superfan named Forrest from Scottsdale, Arizona, who "skipped homecoming to go to a WWE event." 

"That is true. Guilty as charged," Forrest joked. "Yeah, I had the chance to go to my freshman homecoming or a WWE event that was coming into town. So I went with my best friend. Cameron Forrest. Shout out to Cam. What’s up? Yeah. And we had a great time. Even though, unfortunately, my favorite wrestler wasn’t there — even though he was advertised to be there, but it’s OK.”

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Shortly after, the candid moment went viral online. The host's daughter, Maggie Sajak, even shared a clip of the exchange on Feb. 23 via Twitter, writing, "Someone needs to get this kid to a WWE show!"

The official Wheel of Fortune Twitter account later quote-tweeted her post, tagging the WWE brand, "Your move, @WWE."

The next day, WWE finally responded, extending an opportunity for the young contestant. "#WWERaw heads to Phoenix next month... you in, Forrest?"

"'Are you in Forrest?' Yes, I am!" he said, cheering in a follow-up video and thanking the game show for helping make his dreams a reality.

"It's official, FORREST IS IN!!!" the official Wheel account tweeted, to which fans responded with much love and celebration.

"From WOF to WWE. How lucky can one person get? Have a good time Forrest & congratulations on Wheel of Fortune," one gushed, while another added, "Aww that's so sweet of you guys!"

Congratulations, Forrest!

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