Teen Wolf: How The Movie Addressed Stiles' Absence

Teen Wolf: How The Movie Addressed Stiles' Absence

*Spoilers for Teen Wolf: The Movie ahead!*

After years of anticipation, the pack is finally back in Beacon Hills. Tyler Posey and Holland Roden were among the original Teen Wolf series cast who reprised their roles in the new Paramount Plus revival Teen Wolf: The Movie. Last March, Dylan O'Brien confirmed to Variety that he would not be reprising his role as Stiles Stilinski. Dylan's departure left fans with questions about how the new movie would address his absence. Now that Teen Wolf: The Movie finally debuted on Paramount Plus on January 26, those questions have finally been answered. Read ahead for spoilers on how Teen Wolf: The Movie explained Stiles' absence.

Mason Stilinski, Stiles' dad, first mentioned his son while investigating a series of fires set in the woods near Beacon Hills early in the film. When asked if he should contact the FBI for additional support or simply reach out to his son instead, the Sherriff confirms that Stiles is a little too busy to head back to Beacon Hills. "Trust me, right now, Stiles has his own fires to put out. I think we can handle one arsonist," he said.

Next up, Lydia Martin, Stiles' gf in the series, gave a devastating update about their relationship status that would probably leave Stydia shippers heartbroken. Lydia confirmed that they broke up despite them ending the Teen Wolf series still together. She explained the cause of their split after she was asked why she stopped using her banshee power.

According to Lydia, she consistently had a dream where she and Stiles were involved in a car accident that ultimately left him dead. "He wasn't blinking, he wasn't breathing," she told Chris Argent. "If I was never in the car with him, there wouldn't be a crash," she added. "He wouldn't have to die." So, Lydia decided to end her relationship with Stiles to prevent her premonition from coming true.

The revival also referenced the jeep that Stiles became known for in the hit series. As the film prepared to end, Sheriff Stilinski handed over the keys to Derek Hale's son, Eli, while informing him that Stiles had left it behind specifically for his father. Derek sacrificed himself to protect his son and his friends and ultimately died.

Before gifting Eli the jeep, Sheriff Stilinski urged him to keep it running, hinting at the possibility of another installation of the Teen Wolf and hinting at Eli being introduced as the new teen wolf.

Despite the namedrops and subtle references to Stiles' character, there was no official explanation for his absence. Now that it appears as though the franchise will continue, there is some hope that he may return.

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