Teen performs powerful haka to honor mom on her graduation day in emotional TikTok: 'Instant tears'

A loving son honored his mom on her graduation day with a powerful haka, or Maori ceremonial dance, and the footage is bringing millions to tears.

Recorded by big sister Shay (@shay_anar), the footage quickly gained over 2.7 million views, 594,000 likes and 5,800 emotional comments.

Now, much like the teen boys’ school haka that gaves millions of TikTokers goosebumps, Shay’s little brother and his heartfelt tribute are going viral.

“My mum graduating her bachelor in social work & my little brother getting up to Tautoko the best way we know how,” Shay’s video reads. She adds in the caption, “Very proud of you mum 4 very long and hard years finally paid off!!”

According to Te Aka, the online Maori dictionary, tautoko is a verb that means “to support, prop up, verify, advocate” — and Shay’s little brother certainly did that.

Standing boldly alone in the middle of the aisle, the teen proudly performs his haka — a posture dance that features vigorous actions and rhythmically shouted words.

“He didn’t care what anyone thought. He was going to pay his respects to his mother,” TikTok user @nexithegoddess wrote in the comments.

To this, Shay replied, “Absolutely it was definitely a surprise to all of us lol.”

But the teen is not alone in his paying tribute to his mother. All around him, voices support his as they recite the haka words in unison.

“Everyone joining in to make his voice louder 🥹,” TikTok user @booboobean commented.

After her brother finished his emotional performance, Shay zooms in on the stage to capture their mom walking across the stage to accept her diploma.

TikTokers were so moved by the footage, they begged for Shay to post a follow-up video to reveal photos of their mom on her graduation day — which she happily obliged to.

Nearly 6,000 TikTokers flooded Shay’s comment section with their emotional responses to her little brother’s haka.

@typhanybleu: Haka = instant tears

@leanne.hayden: Well done mama! And what a proud moment to be a mama, when your son gets up and does a haka for you

@invrfwayneinvrfdrake: Imagine seeing your son rock for you SO HARD..

@dannmitton: I would just start sobbing uncontrollably. How beautiful

@ashb11113: Whenever I see these done I always get so emotional! They are so powerful. What a beautiful part of your culture.

@stayforthewinter: As a mum, I can imagine the immense pride she felt in that moment. So special.

@bosslaydeebubba: His energy is unreal. Proud moment for sure!

No doubt Shay’s mother will remember this special day for the rest of her life.

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