Teen dupes sister into believing she's won a Taco Bell giveaway in hilarious TikTok

A quick-thinking teen is going viral on TikTok after convincing her sister she’d won a Taco Bell giveaway that doesn’t exist. While eating a delectable Taco Bell dinner, it seems, Mackenzie Lynn's sister Annaliese found a Cinnamon Twist in her bowl. “Dude! Whoever has the Cinnamon Twist in their nacho wins the Xbox that was on the menu. The Xbox giveaway,” Mackenzie tells her sister, feigning excitement. Eager to claim her free Xbox, Annaliese calls the Taco Bell where she ordered her food and tells them that she found the winning Cinnamon Twist. “I had the cinnamon twist in the bottom of my nachos,” Annaliese tells the Taco Bell employee on the phone, who is probably very, very confused. For the next few seconds, there is silence as the employee seems to explain to Annaliese that there is, in fact, no giveaway. TikTok users are both impressed by the prank and mortified for poor Annaliese. “YOU HAD HER CALL! That’s mortifyingly embarrassing,” one person said. “I had to stop watching it out of second-hand embarrassment,” another added