Teen dad struggles to hold back tears when he sees his newborn daughter: ‘It’s better than I ever knew’

A teenager’s sweet reaction to becoming a father is melting hearts all across TikTok.

Mom and TikToker Lucy Rivas (@lucyrivasss) gained over 3.7 million views and nearly 6,000 comments when she posted the emotional footage to her account.

In the now-viral video, Lucy captures the touching first moments between her boyfriend and their new baby girl, Aurora.

From the moment the dad first sets eyes on his little girl, it’s clear he’s completely in love. He proudly records Aurora being weighed and checked over, kisses her forehead softly as she sleeps and cradles her gently in a skin-to-skin contact session.

While we don’t know the exact ages of the couple, it’s clear from both their faces and Lucy’s hashtag — #teenmom — that the new parents are young.

But no matter their age, it’s clear the two are heads over heels for their baby girl — as are millions of TikTokers!

‘This is so priceless…’

People around the world left nearly 6,000 comments on the emotional video.

“Best feeling in the world. Enjoy it, Dad,” one parent wrote.

“This is so priceless. I love when he kisses her and she smiles. God bless and congrats!” another TikToker shared.

“Wow, this whole video is just precious,” wrote one user.

Judging by this sweet video, it’s clear baby Aurora is entering a family bursting with love for her — and that she’s going to have Dad wrapped around her little finger!

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