Teacher shares what first graders put in her ‘tattle monster’ box: ‘This had me in absolute tears’

This teacher gave her students the opportunity to tattle on each other in the form of a “tattle monster” box, and their submissions have TikTokers in stitches.

There’s no problem too big or small to share with a tattle monster! This is the belief of a teacher who goes by the username @michamarie0310 on TikTok. The educator made a special box that allowed her first grade students to tell on each other, and their submissions did not disappoint.

The first submission states the crime as “swiching sees at siyens [sic]”, which can be roughly translated to “switching seats at science.”

The next tattle reads “runnin howay,” which a clever commenter figured out probably meant “running in the hallway.”

Another submission declares that their reason for tattling on someone is because they were “erasing with their eraser.” Who knew that such a classroom crime existed?

The next tattle reads, “puteing his bloon [sic] in my face,” which may be interpreted as “putting his balloon in my face.”

Another tattle reads, “She said ‘fart baby,’” which seems like completely reasonable grounds for tattling.

TikTokers couldn’t get enough of the first graders’ tattle submissions and were absolutely loving the students’ honesty.

“This had me in absolute tears I was laughing so hard,” said one TikToker.

“Erasing with his eraser is sending me,” commented another.

“I need a whole series of this,” requested one commenter.

Viewers loved the tattles so much that the teacher obliged their request for more and shared them in a part two.

Some of the part two tattles read, “not doing math game,” and “ate paper.”

Other teachers shared their approach to tattling in the comments as well.

“I did a ‘tattle ear’ in my classroom in the past. Just a picture of an ear on the wall. I’d say ‘Tell it to the ear,’” shared one creative educator.

Luckily for these students, none of their crimes seemed too serious and their teacher will probably let it slide.

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