Teacher reimagines popular TV show song to hilariously welcome students back to school

A Wisconsin teacher has gone viral for his amusing take on a popular TV song. On Sept. 1, Paul Miller, an English teacher at Appleton East High School, shared a three- minute back-to-school video on YouTube. In it, Miller does his take on “I’ll Be There For You,” a song by the Rembrandts that was made popular by the show “Friends”. Miller’s video has since received over 25,000 views on YouTube and a number of supportive comments. “You’ve got to be the most fun teacher ever!” one user wrote. In an interview with WMTV, Miller said he normally starts off every school year with a song. This year, however, he had to get a little more creative. “I spent a day writing the song, a day recording the music, ...”. “... and then my wife and I came to school on Sunday afternoon when no one was here and we got all the video footage”. The teacher said he’s been overwhelmed by the amount of positive responses he’s gotten