Teach Me: How to Draw a Star

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Whether you want to paint your own iteration of Starry Night or you want to give away a gold star to someone who's earned it, drawing a star all starts with the elemental shape. Once you've nailed the basics, you can take it a million other places. Need help getting started? PureWow designer Sofia Kraushaar created these easy-to-follow instructions for how to draw a star, line by line. Print them and trace them or use your eye—either way, you're an artist in the making.

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1. Draw an upside-down ‘V’

Using a pencil, start from the bottom, left-hand side of your paper and end on the bottom, right-hand side of your paper.

2. Draw a sideways ‘V’

Now, from the point you stopped at on the bottom, right-side of the paper, draw a sideways ‘V,’ this time with the bottom of ‘V’ on the left-side of your paper. You should end on the right-hand side of the page.

3. Connect the Lines

Draw a line between the last point and the first point, and boom! You've just drawn a star.

4. Outline the Star & Erase the Pencil

Using a marker or pen, outline the outside of your star shape. Next, grab an eraser and remove the pencil marks from the inside of the star.

5. Color it in

We're going with yellow. But your star can be any color you want!

5. Experiment on your own

Congratulations! Now that you know the basics of how to draw a star you can play around with the design on your own. There's no wrong way to draw a star.

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