Here’s The Tea On When Mercury Goes Retrograde In 2021

Brenna Lilly
·1 min read

Okay, don’t freak outI’m gonna talk about Mercury retrograde. More specifically, every time Mercury goes retrograde in 2021. Buckle in, my cosmic cuties!

If you’re not down with the astro-lingo, you’ve probably heard your token witchy friend talking about Mercury retrograde when everything in life seems to be going south—phone screens cracking, cars breaking down, lovers’ spats, etc. If you haven’t guessed by now, hi, it’s me. I’m the witchy friend!

Scientifically, Mercury retrograde is the period when the planet Mercury looks as though it’s reversing its orbit (NASA, we love you). As with almost all astronomical events (from a scientific and practical perspective) many of us witchy folk believe that there is an astrological result (from a spiritual perspective). If you...

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