Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones Just Revealed Their Relationship Status

UPDATE, October 30, 2019, at 3:50 p.m. ET: On October 30, Tayshia Adams shared a lengthy post on Instagram that revealed she and John Paul Jones have decided to break up.

“John and I had something incredibly special. We fell for each other in Paradise, and everything was a whirlwind after that. When the show ended, I truly went back to Maryland to see if what we had was something we could build on without cameras, a production crew, and without feeling any pressure: to simply figure things out on our own terms. But the reality was, we were living on opposite coasts, and working insane schedules that made it impossible to see each other and build a life with each other,” she wrote.

She continued, “We are the best of friends and will continue to remain in each other’s life because regardless of the situation, we make each other happy.”


John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams were fan favorites on their respective seasons of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, so you can imagine fans’ excitement when they became a couple on Bachelor in Paradise. But their union wasn’t exactly drama free. The two experienced conflict both together and apart (remember Jones’s feud with Derek Peth)? Adams and Jones’s time on Paradise ultimately ended with a breakup of sorts, but there’s still so much more to their story. Below, the two reality stars discuss the status of their relationship, the BiP group text, and what’s next for both of them.

Glamour: JPJ, you revealed tonight that there’s a Bachelor in Paradise group text chain. Is there anyone not on it?

Tayshia Adams: I think everybody’s on it.

John Paul Jones: I think most of the people that stayed around for more than one night are on it, simply because if you were on for more than one rose ceremony, you just had the chance to develop friendships, and some people were on for such a short period of time, they just didn’t have the time to connect with anyone.

Tayshia: Also, John Paul Jones is no longer in the group chat, because he left!

Why did you leave?

JPJ: So at the time I was in the group chat, I was just trying to get over Tayshia, and we were both in the group chat, and I just didn’t want anything to do with her.

Tayshia: Isn’t that so rude?

No, because it makes sense!

JPJ: Tayshia broke up with me, and the best way to get over someone is to just not interact with them everyday or be constantly reminded of them.

I agree.

Tayshia: It’s true, it’s true.

So that’s why you left it?

JPJ: Yeah.

And you haven’t rejoined it?

JPJ: Yeah, no, and honestly, I’m in a group chat with the Bachelorette guys, and I don’t really have the time to stay updated on everything that goes on.

But you’re still on the Paradise group chat, Tayshia?

Tayshia: I am, I am, but I put it on silent because it kind of goes off sometimes, but it’s good, it’s fun.

What do you guys talk about?

Tayshia: The honest truth is that it’s just a lot of love and support. We call some people out, like each other, like “haha, that’s funny, Jordan,” but honestly it’s mostly us saying we love each other and are here for each other and support each other.

What are you guys most excited about for your future together?

Tayshia: We’re working through what any normal couple works through, just because we did have a little bit of time away doesn’t mean that we don’t still go through our ups and downs. We’re just trying to navigate it as best we could, and I think that because we no longer have the cameras and all that stuff, we’re very open and transparent because we learned how to be really vulnerable and honest being on the show. I might be a little more vocal than maybe I should be at some times, but I’d rather him know where I’m coming from, and vice-versa.

JPJ: Right. Yeah, and I think Tayshia made the mature decision to end things on Paradise because it eliminated a lot of unnecessary pressure that may have come if we rushed into something, so I think we can let time kind of decide how this will play out.

JPJ, do you make her feel bad that she told you to date other people?

JPJ: All the time!

Tayshia: Every day, every day!

JPJ: I knew I was going to get heat for that…

Wait, why would you get heat for it? She told you to do it!

JPJ: I know. But I was so consistent on saying I was set on Tayshia and then I went on a date with Haley, and Haley and I are friends, we’re cool, but I had feelings for Tayshia. There was nothing I could do about it. I was looking forward to enjoying a vacation in Mexico with [Tayshia] but she wanted me to sort of wreak havoc.

Tayshia: You know, I think he gets a little bit of heat for his actions on those dates as opposed to going on the damn dates.

JPJ: You give me heat for that, you do! You give me heat for the actions, but you told me to explore other options!

Tayshia: Look at him! We will talk...we do this every single day.

She gave you permission to go on other dates. You didn’t want to go on other dates.

JPJ: It’s true! And I wasn’t just going to go on the date and shake her hand.

Tayshia: It’s true.

JPJ: You told me to explore!

Tayshia: It’s fine.

JPJ, what’s the biggest misconception about you?

JPJ: I mean, I’m not really sure what the common opinion is on me, but I think there’s certainly more to me than chicken nuggets and throwing up when I eat tacos. That seems to be the most circulated piece of information out there. It’s kind of silly, but I’m not going to complain about it.

Tayshia: And he doesn’t just wear Speedos every day.

JPJ: Yeah, I don’t wear Speedos every day. And I don’t flip my hair all the time. Well, I do sometimes. I have a hat that I wear when I eat lunch so my hair stays out of my face, so I don’t flip my hair as much as you’d think.

Is there anything you’d do differently if you were to go on the show now, or are you glad with the way it worked out?

JPJ: Yeah, for the most part I’m glad with how things worked out. I will say that it’s very difficult to maintain an objective, third party perspective, and I think I was a little tense in my exchange with Derek, but I said...everything that I said was true, and it’s just unfortunate that it had to go down.

Tayshia: I actually don’t think I would change anything from my experience. Everything worked out the way it should. I was a little sassier [on Paradise], and most people were new to seeing that side of me, but I don’t think it was anything I would change.

Where are you guys living? What’s next after this finale airs?

Tayshia: We’re long distance. I live in Orange County. He lives in Maryland.

JPJ: It’s about a five-hour plane ride away. Moving out to L.A. is a potential option, so I’ll just have to wait and see what unfolds the next couple months.

But you guys are committed to making this work?

Tayshia: Yeah, we’re going to test it out, we’re going to see. We’re going to see what’s going on. We’re exploring!

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