Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Makes Big Announcement That Will Impact Fans

Swifties were given a new set of rules for Taylor Swift's upcoming shows in New Jersey this weekend, and the announcement is likely going to change the concert experience for hundreds of fans.

If you didn't already know, tons of fans have been showing up to watch Swift's performances on The Eras Tour every weekend, even when they don't have any tickets. After ticket sales turned disastrous as a result of the infamous Ticketmaster fiasco, tons of die-hard fans were unable to secure tickets to the show, prompting them to line up in the street or listen from stadium parking lots.

But things will be different this weekend when the "Anti-Hero" songstress plays MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, as the stadium has already warned fans that tailgating and gathering in the parking lot will not be allowed without tickets.

"For the safety and enjoyment of all those who have tickets for these shows, we strongly encourage those without tickets not to come to MetLife Stadium on show days," the stadium tweeted on Wednesday, May 24. "Event tickets corresponding to that evening's concert are required to access the parking lots."

"Our parking lots will be at maximum capacity," the advisory further warned. "Additional unauthorized crowds create traffic and gridlock for everyone."

The tweet did note that tailgating is allowed for concertgoers with tickets, as long as they don't take up an additional parking space.

Plenty of Swifties didn't take the news all too well, considering that listening outside the stadium or standing in the parking lot could be their only chance to witness the history-making Eras Tour in some capacity.

"This is so disappointing," one fan wrote online. "There are so many fans who couldn’t get/can’t afford tickets, and the only way we were going to experience the concert was in the parking lot."

"so astronomically depressed about the closed parking lots," someone else tweeted.

While some fans speculated if the venue would actually be checking tickets for access into the parking lots, others ensured that MetLife "doesn't mess around" when it comes to its policies, and that fans will need to show their tickets to even enter stadium grounds.

"The stadium is surrounded by highways. They will absolutely not let anyone in the parking lots w/out a an event ticket," someone else insisted.

"MetLife is in the middle of a highway. They can’t have outside crowds like at other stadiums. They’ve explicitly said no entry without a ticket & they won’t be selling tickets at the stadium day of," one person added.

"it’s literally a safety hazard," noted another user.

It looks like fans hoping to see this weekend's shows will have to look for resale tickets online, or hope Ticketmaster drops some more available seats. And for that, they're on their own, kid!

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