Taylor Swift Told Cat Jokes to Entertain the Audience During a Technical Difficulty Last Night

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Taylor Told Cat Jokes While a Tech Issue Was FixedBob Levey/TAS23 - Getty Images
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You know that saying "the show must go on"? Well, Taylor Swift has proven she's a firm believer in that concept—even if it means that the show that paused was a concert and the show that goes on is standup comedy.

On Saturday, during the second of her three back-to-back-to-back performances in Atlanta for the Eras Tour, Taylor encountered some technical difficulties when her in-ear monitors (aka the devices that allow Taylor to actually hear what she sounds like even while 80,000 fans are scream-singing the lyrics to every song along with her) went out, which forced her to pause the show while the AV wizards on her team went into high-speed troubleshooting mode to fix the issue.

"It's more of an infrastructure in-ears problem that we're all having," she explained to the audience when the sudden lack of music was making it clear that something was wrong. "So, while this is bad news, it's nice to be joined in my pain, don't you think?"

The audience then erupted in applause and cheers because sharing in Taylor's secondhand pain (and her ability to convey it and every other human emotion so perfectly) is literally the common interest that brought them all together.

"Then everyone's struggling," Taylor declared from behind her moss-covered Folklore piano. "Um, okay. I think what this means is that probably the band can't really hear very much of what's going on. I'm just gonna—did you fix it?"

The abrupt "did you fix it" question wasn't for the audience, but for one of the people in her ear pieces (which, at this point, seemed to mostly just function like a pair of AirPods for conversation with people backstage instead of being linked to playback the music and vocals for Taylor and the band). They did, for the record. They fixed it and fixed it fast because they're great at their jobs (and also possibly scared of being trampled by a mob of irate Swifties if the last four acts of the show were just surprise canceled), but before they did, Taylor filled the blank space in the setlist with some standup comedy, which I would describe as "shy 8-year-old at her first open mic night" and that Taylor personally described as "a dad joke from hell."

The joke is definitely best in Taylor's own voice and delivery, but for anyone not in the position to play audio at the moment, here's Taylor's cat joke:

"A cat walks into a library and the cat says, 'Um, yes, I'll have some tuna fish, please.'

And the lady at the counter says, 'Sir, this is a library.'

And the cat says, 'Oh, I'm sorry.' (*TAYLOR DROPS VOICE TO A WHISPER*) 'I'll have some tuna fish, please.'"

While many fans stopped filming after the punchline, a few were out there really doing the lord's work and captured Taylor's self-burn when her in-ears started working again right after the joke.

"My ears are back and just at the perfect time because that was like a dad joke from hell," she said. "I'm so sorry."

No only is that the least-necessary apology ever, I'm now actively hoping for more technical issues just to create space for more cat jokes. I assume Taylor knows enough cat jokes to apply the Eras Tour surprise songs rule about avoiding repeats.

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