Every Moment Of Taylor Swift And Matty Healy’s Romance: From Origin To Break Up

Every Moment Of Taylor Swift And Matty Healy’s Romance: From Origin To Break Up

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Oh my, is love a lie? Taylor Swift has officially broken up with Matty Healy. For the last few weeks, rumors were flying through new skies that the "Anti-Hero" singer was in a budding relationship with the frontman of British pop band The 1975, but PEOPLE recently confirmed that nothing lasts forever.

Taylor broke up with her longtime boo Joe Alwyn in April, so her new relationship with "The Sound" singer took off swiftly. However, upon further examination, this pair's match was always in the cards.

Matty and Taylor were actually first linked romantically in 2014, and also have several similar songs in their catalogue. The 1975 and Taylor both have songs called "Paris," "Happiness," and "Mine," and "Me"—which is definitely pure coincidence, but you can never be too sure!

On top of all that, the two have several mutual friends—like Phoebe Bridgers and Jack Antonoff (who is important and will come up later) that have tied them together through some invisible string. It was a short, but very culturally significant relationship. Here's every last detail of Taylor's relationship with Matty—dating all the way back to her 1989 era.

November 8, 2014: Matty wears a 1989 T-shirt during The 1975 concert.

Like all great boyfriends, Matty clearly started out as Taylor's fan. In 2014, he was photographed wearing a 1989 T-shirt at his show in Minnesota. Taylor, in true The 1975 fashion (the band is known for singing about relationships over the Internet) reacted to the nod over Tumblr, per Reddit.

Matty was also photographed wearing a similar 1989 shirt at a recent Taylor show. I can only hope it was the same one.

November 19, 2014: Taylor and Matty exchange phone numbers.

If you really want to get into the weeds of Taylor and Matty's relationship, it dates all the way back to 2014. The "Karma" singer attended Matty's show on November 19, 2014 with Ellie Goulding and her longtime bestie Selena Gomez, per Billboard.

Taylor reportedly sat in the front row, and posted to Instagram with a caption from The 1975 song "The City" (which is clearly one of her faves). Matty later said he met Taylor for the first time this night. "That was really nice," Matty later said in an interview with Hit Network. He was also pressed for details regarding the pair's relationship. "We exchanged numbers, we'll see what happens," he said. "Would I go out with Taylor Swift? I mean, she's a sensation. I wouldn't say no."

A few days after Healy's interview, Swift was photographed wearing his band's T-Shirt outsid her Tribeca apartment. What if I told you none of it was accidental?

February 2015: They party after the Brits.

A few months after rumors started swirling, Taylor and Matty were seen together after The BRIT Awards in 2015. While this could've been the very first page, it's unfortunately where Taylor and Matty's storyline ended (at least, for the time being). Ellie Goulding reportedly introduced Taylor to Calvin Harris the night prior at The Elle Style Awards. Taylor went on to date Harris for a little over a year.

the universal music brits party at the soho house pop up
Taylor and Matty, photographed with Nick Grimshaw and Ellie Goulding. David M. Benett - Getty Images

March 2016: Matty says dating Taylor Swift would be "emasculating."

After many months of will they, won't they, Taylor and Matty never publicly dated. Shortly following brief rumors of a relationship brewing between them, Taylor entered a relationship with Calvin Harris, while Matty pursued a brief fling with Halsey, per Captial FM.

However, Matty was still willing to address any dating rumors in interviews.In a notable interview with the now-defunct Q magazine, Matty said dating Taylor would be "emasculating."

"'Fucking hell! I am NOT being Taylor Swift's boyfriend,'" Matty said, per NME. "You know, 'FUCK. THAT.' That's also a man thing, a de-masculinating, emasculating thing."

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Matty later posted an apology for the quote on his Twitter (which is deleted), and said Taylor was one of the "most gracious, hard working, creatively gifted, and beautiful women" he had ever met. "I didn't even date Taylor, but the media's incessant and brutal obsession with her has meant that even a guy who DIDN'T DATE HER has been so battered by their never-ending questions that he's inevitably said something that can be lifted and molded into something that resembles 'shade'. It's really sad," Matty's Twitter statement read, per Elle.

The writer of the feature, Laura Barton, also wrote an op-ed in The Guardian defending Matty's perspective. "This week his comments have been cast as a slight on Swift (according to Elle, he was “throwing shade” at her)," she wrote. "I don’t see them that way. I see them as the thoughts of a musician with an ego and ambition to match that of Swift, who does not want to be viewed as the subordinate in a partnership. The feelings of an artist who wants to be celebrated in his own right."

September 2019: Matty gushes over Taylor on the radio.

In September 2019, Taylor was concretely in her Lover era and settling down with Joe Alwyn. However, Matty was still seemingly attempting to rekindle the flame on The Green Room podcast. Upon host Neil Griffith listing her name among Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé about social advocacy among pop stars, Matty jumped on the defense.

"I'm never going to slag Taylor off, I think Taylor is amazing, and Taylor, I want to produce your next album. I've always wanted to do that," Matty said.

2022: Jack Antonoff works with Matty to produce The 1975 album Being Funny In A Foreign Language

Dedicated Swifties know this is a major detail. Taylor has worked with Jack Antonoff since her one-off single "Sweeter Than Fiction" in 2013, and he went on to be a major collaborator of hers for 1989, reputation, Lover, evermore, folklore, and Midnights. The pair is also extremely close outside of the recording studio and Taylor often refers to Jack as one of her good friends.

As the Spice Girls once wisely said, if you wannabe my lover, you've gotta get with my friends. When rumors first began circulating for Taylor and Matty the second time around, Jack Antonoff was reported to have set them up. He's also been present at more than one of their public meet-ups.

November 2022: Matty says The 1975 collaborated with Taylor for Midnights.

Months before their romance, or TBH, even their friendship, entered the public eye, Matty admitted that his band was an original collaborator for Taylor's latest album. However, whatever song they created remains firmly in the "Bejeweled" singer's vault.

Healy insisted the decision was the right choice during an interview with KROQ. "It was for reasons that are not to be criticized," he told hosts Ally Johnson and Kevin Klein. "She's amazing."

January 2023: Taylor performs at The 1975 concert in London.

A few months after dropping Midnights, Taylor performed "Anti-Hero" live for the first time at The 1975 concert on January 12, 2023. Prior to this show, Taylor had only performed live a few other times since the pandemic—including her performance on SNL in 2021 and a surprise appearance at a Haim concert in July 2022. So, this was a pretty major appearance—even if she was still publicly dating Joe Alwyn at the time.

Taylor played "Anti-Hero," and covered The 1975's "The City." Her British accent wasn't half bad, either! A New Yorker profile of Matty later revealed that Taylor stayed at the O2 until 3:30 a.m. the night of this show, but The 1975 frontman left early.

The same story also indicated just how thrilled Matty was to have Taylor perform. "It was really based on Taylor to do the show," he told The New Yorker.

April 2023: Taylor and Joe Alwyn publicly split.

Entertainment Tonight first broke the news that Taylor split from her long-time London Boy Joe in April 2023. Neither ever officially confirmed the news, but sources close to the pair said the split was "amicable."

Following the announcement, a video of Taylor tearing up while singing her song "Champagne Problems" in March circulated on TikTok. The ballad tells the story of someone turning down a marriage proposal.

May 3, 2023: Matty sends Taylor a cryptic message, and the first reports of Matty and Taylor dating surface.

On May 3, 2023, The U.S. Sun first reported Matty and Taylor were seeing each other, and planning to "go public" at Taylor's Nashville leg of The Eras Tour.

“She and Matty are madly in love. It’s super-early days, but it feels right. They first dated, very briefly, almost ten years ago but timings just didn’t work out," a source reported to The U.S. Sun.

The same night, Matty mouthed a message before singing The 1975's hit "About You": This is about you, you know who you are. I love you." Taylor later mouthed the exact same phrase before performing her song "cardigan" the next weekend during The Eras Tour.

May 5-7, 2023: Matty attends The Eras Tour for the first time.

Matty Healy was present for the entire Nashville leg of The Eras Tour, and even performed onstage during Phoebe Bridgers' opening set. The 1975-frontman was also photographed leaving Taylor's Nashville condo, and in the back of a car with Taylor on May 7, per TMZ.

Beyond that, Matty was filmed in The Eras Tour special guest tent throughout the weekend, reacting to Taylor's show (including putting his hand over his heart while she performed her famous song, "Lover") and bonding with Taylor's friends.

Taylor even introduced her song "Mine,"which includes lyrics like "you made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter," by saying she found it "really relatable" at the moment.

May 11, 2023: Matty Healy and Taylor Swift spotted on a NYC dinner date.

Taylor and Matty clearly entered double-date territory after they were spotted grabbing dinner with Jack Antonoff and his fiancée, actress Margaret Qualley on May 11, 2023. The celebs dined at Casa Cipriani, a private club in New York City.

Matty and Taylor were noticeably holding hands in pics. At least three members of Casa Cipriani were kicked out for leaking the news, according to Page Six—the club has a no photo policy. A source also told the publication that Matty and Taylor were "cuddling and kissing" throughout the night.

May 12-14, 2023: Matty gets close with Taylor's parents.

During the Philadelphia leg of The Eras Tour, Matty was seen for the second time attending Taylor's shows. The "Me & You Together Song" singer was filmed sitting in a box with Swift's parents, and chatting with Taylor's father, Scott Swift.

One fan at the show claimed Matty confirmed he was dating Taylor on TikTok. The same weekend, Matty once again performed with Phoebe Bridgers during the opening set.

In the past, Taylor has taken requests from friends for a section of her show where she performs lesser-known, or older songs from her catalogue. Before performing "Hey Stephen" on May 14, Taylor said she had a few "really nice fun people" ask her to perform it. Perhaps Matty is really fun and nice?

taylor swift the eras tour philadelphia, pa
Matty Healy performing on stage at The Eras Tour during Phoebe Bridgers’ set. Lisa Lake/TAS23 - Getty Images

May 16, 2023: Taylor and Matty are spotted leaving a recording studio.

celebrity sightings in new york city may 16, 2023
Taylor and Matty leaving The Electric Lady on May 16, 2023. Robert Kamau - Getty Images

In the latest installment of the Taylor and Matty paparazzi pics, the pair was photographed leaving The Electric Lady Studios in New York very early in the morning on May 16, 2023. According to PEOPLE, this wasn't an ordinary date night, either. Fans spotted Kendrick Lamar, Florence Welch, Maggie Rogers, Zoë Kravitz, Channing Tatum, Jack Antonoff, and Margaret Qualley around the area. Was it a party or some kind of epic song in the making? Only time will tell.

May 18, 2023: Joe Alwyn is reportedly "distraught."

A source with "exclusive insider knowledge about the situation" reported to The Daily Mail that Joe Alwyn was "distraught" amid Taylor and Matty's relationship.

According to the source, Joe put his "trust" in Taylor when she began collaborating with Matty during the final months of their relationship, and is "very unhappy."

May 20, 2023: Meanwhile, Taylor says she has "never been happier."

Swifties know that Taylor rarely, if ever, speaks directly to the public about her personal life. However, at a recent stop on The Eras Tour, Swift admitted to her fans that she's never been happier than this moment in her life.

"I kinda just want to tell you… I don't know, I've just never been this happy in my life in all aspects of my life ever before," Taylor said before performing her song "Question...?" at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

May 26, 2023: Taylor releases a collaboration with Ice Spice.

Just before hitting up the New Jersey leg of her tour, Taylor dropped an interestingly-timed remix of her hit song "Karma" with the rapper Ice Spice. Although the events surrounding this collab might be a pure coincidence, Taylor's rumored boyfriend recently stirred controversy for laughing at racist comments about Ice Spice on a recent episode of The Adam Freidland Show podcast.

In the episode (which was later removed from Apple and Spotify for being so offensive), the hosts mock Ice Spice, using derogatory terms about her body and ethnicity, per The Washington Post. And Matty laughed along. The Girls singer later apologized for his behavior, but his problematic behavior did not go unnoticed.

Swift still hasn't confirmed if she's officially dating Matty, but she has received online criticism about his behavior and comments. Her collaboration with Ice Spice was ill-received by some fans as a publicity stunt to protect her own image while dating Matty.

That being said, Ice Spice is an extremely popular up-and-coming artist, so it makes sense Tay would want to collab with her and lift up a younger artist. In a tweet announcing the single, Swift called the rapper "the ONE to watch" ad had the rapper to join her during her New Jersey leg of The Eras Tour to perform the new song. Ice Spice also referred to Taylor as "the sweetest person ever" in a tweet announcing the single.

May 29: Matty Healy slams one of Taylor's exes.

In May 2023, writer Jia Tolentino published a profile of Matty Healy in The New Yorker. The story addresses the most pressing question since rumors about The 1975 frontman and Taylor Swift first surfaced: who is he?

Matty also made a less-than-kind comment about one of Swift's exes, Harry Styles. Tolentino writes that The 1975 had invited Harry to perform at one of their shows in London.

“He gave us a hard no," Matty told The New Yorker. “He’s afraid that he would have to say something.”

Tolentino later provided more context to their conversation: "Healy found it annoying that, at a certain level of fame, celebrities can cultivate liberal auras while avoiding the risk of taking real political stands. (Swift, I thought, but didn’t say, seemed to be excepted from his critique)," she wrote.

Matty didn't confirm his relationship with Taylor in the story, but Tolentino said that she received multiple texts from "people who knew them, and who insisted: this time, it's real."

May 27, 2023: Matty addresses the relationship at a concert for The 1975.

Last week, Matty made a cryptic comment about his extremely buzzy relationship just before The 1975 started their concert at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend music festival. The frontman is known for kicking off his shows and songs with random comments, but this one seemed to hit home a little more than usual.

“Is it all a bit? Is it sincere? Will he ever address it? All of these questions and more will be ignored in the next hour. Ladies and gentleman, this is The 1975," he said, per PEOPLE.

At another concert later in the same week, Matty kissed a security guard at his show in Denmark—suspiciously bringing back a tradition that he swore off due to his relationship with Taylor.

June 5, 2023: Taylor and Matty break up.

Saying goodbye is (usually) death by a thousand cuts, but most Swifties were absolutely thrilled when TMZ first broke the news that Taylor and Matty had broken up on June 5, 2023.

With Matty's romance with a security guard, and Taylor's interesting choice of playing six extra break up songs during the Chicago leg of The Eras Tour, it also wasn't surprising when PEOPLE confirmed the rumor.

"She had fun with him, but it was always casual. They are no longer romantically involved," a source confirmed to PEOPLE.

Entertainment Tonight also got more insight, per another source. "They are both extremely busy and realized they're not really compatible with each other," the source told ET. "Taylor's friends want what's best for her and aren't shocked that their relationship fizzled out since she recently got out of a long-term relationship."

And now, it is time for Taylor to enter her hot girl summer era. As for Matty, may he remember this romance in his Wildest Dreams.

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