Taylor Swift is liking fans’ ‘Eras’ TikToks, and Swifties are (understandably) freaking out

Now that Taylor Swift has kicked off her highly anticipated Eras tour, fans have been posting clips from their memorable concert experiences on TikTok.

And to their surprise, the singer is not only watching many of them but also reacting to them, which has sent some fans on an absolute rollercoaster of emotions.

In one video, TikTok user @merlittt is seen weeping at one of Swift’s recent Las Vegas performances.

“Taylor, ya really did it to me last night,” the caption reads.

In the video text, the TikToker added, “Obviously I was not well when Taylor played White Horse.”

The TikTok went on to get more than 81,000 views and a flurry of comments from other Taylor Swift fans — including some who were eagle-eyed enough to spot something pretty major.

“TAYLOR LIKED THIS!! OMGAUSH,” one person commented.

“Aww. TAYLOR LIKED,” said another. “CONGRATS.”

“TAY TAY LIKED!” yet another person informed her.

Now that the singer’s likes are public on her TikTok page, a lot of fans have been noticing the same thing lately.

In a similar video, posted by @avaeliyah, the TikToker also cries while watching Swift perform on stage, unable to comprehend how one of their idols is standing just feet away.

“POV: You underestimate the chokehold Taylor Swift has in your mental state,” the video text reads.

While a lot of other fans chimed in to say that they too started crying during a recent concert on the tour, a bunch of others came to let @avaeliyah know that T Swift herself had seen the TikTok and liked it.

“She liked!!!” one commenter wrote — to which the original poster replied, “I just saw she liked! We’re screaming!!!!”

Not all of the TikToks Taylor has liked have featured fans weeping during her concert, though. Some also show Swifties giddily dressed up for a night of fun before the concert even starts, like this one from @elleamode.

When one user informed her that Taylor had liked the clip, the TikToker responded with one word: “Deceased.”

Other Taylor Swift-approved videos have been shared by people who sadly couldn’t score tickets to any of the tour dates and had to settle for livestreaming it from home.

After liking one of these videos by @hantalkstaylor, the comments literally blew up.


“I’m going to assume this is Taylor’s stamp of approval for us watching live streams each weekend,” one person declared.

Some fans have even printed and framed screenshots of Taylor’s activity on their content, as in the case of @bethany_pendleton13.

“I will never shut up about this.. EVER,” wrote @bethany_pendleton13.

Can’t say we blame her.

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