Taylor Swift *Finally* Revealed How She Trained For Her 3-Hour Eras Tour Shows

taylor swift the eras tour sao paulo, brazil
How Taylor Swift Trained For The Eras TourBuda Mendes/TAS23 - Getty Images
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  • Taylor Swift just revealed how she trained for the Eras Tour in her Time 2023 Person of the Year interview.

  • Some of her workouts included singing songs while running on the treadmill and doing strength training sessions at celebrity-loved gym, Dogpound.

  • She also stopped drinking alcohol and spent time in bed to recover after shows.

There's no way you could've gone the past year without hearing any news about Taylor Swift—especially while she's in the midst of her Eras Tour. The show is arguably one of the most popular tours of all time—in fact, analysts predict it will make more than $1 billion by March.

Now, Taylor has been named Time's 2023 Person of the Year, and in her interview, she revealed how she trained she for the global tour. News flash: It's intense.

ICYDK, each Eras tour show runs for approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes and Taylor sings 44 songs across nine albums—oh, and she's dancing pretty much the entire time.

taylor swift the eras tour sao paulo, brazil
Taylor Swift performing her reputation set at the Eras Tour.Buda Mendes/TAS23 - Getty Images

But she was ready for it: “I knew this tour was harder than anything I’d ever done before by a long shot,” she told the magazine.

The "Anti-Hero" singer joked that she “toured like a frat guy” in the past, but that she needed to be in serious shape this time around. So, Taylor started training six months before her first show.

“Every day, I would run on the treadmill, singing the entire set list out loud,” Taylor said. “Fast for fast songs, and a jog or a fast walk for slow songs.” (This seems to be a ~thing~ for singers—Miley Cyrus and Lizzo have both belted out songs on a treadmill in the past.)

Of course, Taylor also worked out at celebrity-favorite gym Dogpound, which created a program for her that had elements of strength training and conditioning. Afterwards, she had three months of dance training and worked with choreographer Mandy Moore (not that Mandy Moore).

“I wanted to get it in my bones,” Taylor said. “I wanted to be so over-rehearsed that I could be silly with the fans, and not lose my train of thought.”

She also stopped drinking, except for on Grammy night. (And thank goodness, because fans got some iconic Twitter memes of Taylor that night!) “Doing that show with a hangover—I don’t want to know that world,” she said.

By the way, she's still human, so these shows take a lot out of her. Taylor said after she plays three days of shows, she takes a full day to rest up.

“I do not leave my bed except to get food and take it back to my bed and eat it there,” Taylor said. (Relatable!) “It’s a dream scenario. I can barely speak because I’ve been singing for three shows straight. Every time I take a step, my feet go crunch, crunch, crunch from dancing in heels.”

But Taylor's still been working out between shows to keep up her strength. “I know I’m going on that stage whether I’m sick, injured, heartbroken, uncomfortable, or stressed,” she said. “That’s part of my identity as a human being now. If someone buys a ticket to my show, I’m going to play it unless we have some sort of force majeure.”

Love to see a dedicated cardio and strength queen crushing it on and off the stage!

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