Taylor Swift Fans Have a (Very Compelling) Theory That She’s Going to Release a Memoir This Summer

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Today in Theories About Taylor Swift, Swifties (and Book Tok) are pretty sure Taylor is planning to out–Taylor Swift herself and release a memoir this summer (on July 9, specifically). Here’s everything you need to know about the Swift Memoir theory (including the evidence that makes it seem actually possible).

The origins of the theory trace back to a video posted by Good Neighbor Bookstore, an independent bookstore in New York. In a video posted to the store’s TikTok, @goodneighborbooks, the owner shared his theory, based on information (more details on that below) a publisher recently sent his store about a *VERY SECRETIVE* book slated to be released on July 9.

The original video was quickly deleted at the request of the publisher, but not before it was captured and reshared by Swiftie fan accounts.

The original post lays out some basic evidence in support of the theory, including several possible hints in Taylor’s Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) announcement posts on social media. Swifties have taken @goodneighborbooks’ idea and ran with it, sharing more intel, evidence, and theories about the maybe memoir on Reddit, where someone shared a screenshot of the information the mystery title’s publisher, Macmillan, has shared with booksellers so far:

Here’s a breakdown of the most compelling evidence that Taylor Swift is releasing a memoir this summer.

The mystery book is scheduled to be released on July 9.

July 9 has a special connection to Speak Now and Taylor called the date out specifically in her tweet about Speak Now (Taylor’s Version):

It would explain Taylor‘s “Dear Reader” reference in the Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) announcement.

When Taylor announced the release date of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), she included a couple of direct references to her own lyrics. One was to “Mine,” a single from Speak Now, so that made sense, but the other was, honestly, a little head-scratching. The existence of a Taylor Swift memoir coming out alongside Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) would explain theotherwise fairly inexplicable reference to Midnights 3 a.m. edition track “Dear Reader.”

The mysterious book has multiple connections to the number 13.

In the original video, @goodneighborbooks pointed out that, while the author and title are currently being withheld from booksellers, the publisher did share that the mystery book is 544 pages long and 5+4+4=13 (Taylor’s lucky number, which she frequently incorporates into her work). And speaking of Taylor’s affinity for 13, the mystery book’s publisher says the book’s title and author will be revealed on June 13.

It’s been 13 years since Speak Now was released.

Speak Now was originally released in 2010, making this year the album’s 13-year anniversary. In addition to being another tie to the number 13, this could also serve as a connection to Taylor’s All Too Well short film. As Reddit user HoneyBee_Lullabee pointed out, the film ends with Taylor’s character in the film publishing a book inspired by her life experiences 13 years later.

The publisher clearly expects the book to be a hit (with almost no promotion time).

Although details about this book won’t be officially announced until June 13, the publisher has ordered a first printing of 1 million copies, which suggests they’re expecting it to be a hit, even with minimal promotion before its release.

“It is super, super, SUPER unusual that a book would not have details like an author, cover, and description on this platform,” explained Reddit user werewolf_trousers, who says they work in publishing and are familiar with the catalogue platform the shared screenshot comes from. “It is incredible that a book with a million-copy print run would not have this information available MONTHS in advance. And it’s really unusual to hold a book for release day nowadays. It’s really complicated logistically. Whoever this author is, it is a Big F’n Deal that they’re expected to move this many copies with only a month of promotion....I’m not saying all this means this is Taylor. But going all in on a print run of 1M copies with only a month of promotion is insane unless it’s someone that commands enormous public interest and/or fan loyalty.”

Speak Now is the album Taylor famously wrote solo.

Although Taylor loves collaborating with writers and artists she admires, she made a conscious decision to write Speak Now entirely on her own. This doesn’t prove that she also wrote an entire memoir, of course, but if Taylor did secretly pen an entire memoir, there would certainly be something Swift-ly poetic about timing its release to coincide with Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).

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