This Taylor Swift-Approved Sports Bra Is Helping Us Achieve Better Posture

a collage of a women wearing the forme power bra
We Tested the Sports Bra Taylor Swift LovesCourtesy Forme Science
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It’s 2024, and you know what, maybe this is the year we’ll finally get our posture right. It’s so easy to focus on other aspects of wellness — sleep, nutrition, exercise, etc. — but one thing I continually overlook is my posture (thank you to my couch and my laptop for making it too easy to not sit up straight). But thanks to Taylor Swift, I might finally have both the push and the product for it.

At this point, you probably know that our girl T-Swift was named TIME’s Person of the Year for 2023. What you might have missed if you didn’t scroll through the article, though, is the sports bra she’s wearing in a cool black-and-white photo of her rehearsing for her tour. Well I, along with a couple of my colleagues, got our hands on the bra in the photo — the Forme Power Bra — to test out for ourselves.

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Now, the first thing you need to know about this bra is she’s a little pricey. I’m talking $175 for one. That said, this bra isn’t just any old sports bra. This one is an “FDA-registered posture correcting bra,” according to Forme’s website. You might be thinking this means it could be stiff or bulky or just straight-up not fun to wear. As my colleagues and I learned, that’s absolutely not the case.

“As an FDA-registered posture corrector, I expected it to be far more uncomfortable and annoying than it was,” says Sarah Maberry, a commerce writer for Hearst. “The fabric was surprisingly lightweight and stretchy, so much so that I prefer it for lounging and low-impact workouts instead of running and cardio.”

Summer Cartwright, Senior Editor at Best Products, echoed Maberry’s sentiment. “It’s comfortable when lounging, walking, or doing exercises such as Pilates, yoga, lunges, and squats, but it is not made for cardio or any kind of HIIT activity (given that this bra is made for posture, this is understandable).”

That said, if you’re looking for a comfy, stylish bra that can help you work on your posture, I feel this is worth the splurge. When you put the bra on, it gently pulls your shoulders back, immediately correcting your posture without leaving you sore whenever you go to take it off.

“I could definitely tell a difference in my posture while wearing it, but it still allowed a full range of motion and wasn’t restrictive at all,” Maberry says.

Forme’s Power Bra is available in seven colorways — though one is currently sold out — in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL. And even if you don’t plan to wear this to your next Pilates class (though honestly, we’d recommend you consider it), it’s a ~lewk~ all by its bad self, as Taylor Swift showed us. “Alone, it’s like wearing a flattering cropped shirt and layered under clothing, it remains non-bulky,” Cartwright says.

So if you’ve been trying to decide whether or not to take the plunge on this Taylor Swift-approved bra, we’d say if you have some extra budget, go for it — especially if posture is on your mind like it is ours.

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