Taylor Dayne Celebrates a Year-Plus Without Cancer

Taylor Dayne, the '80s pop star who brought us such hits as "Tell It To My Heart" and "Love Will Lead You Back," spoke out in 2022 about her battle with colon cancer, which began after a routine colonoscopy turned up an abnormal polyp. "Life is precious," she told Good Morning America, hoping to spread awareness of the disease and the importance of regular screenings.

"When you're really sick, you don't have the energy, you're really relying on your champions around you, your soldiers, your people," she said. "Find the doctor that will tell you the truth. Be a warrior for yourself."

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What was Taylor Dayne's health condition?

The "With Every Beat of My Heart" singer revealed in 2022 that she had been diagnosed with colon cancer.

When was Taylor Dayne diagnosed with colon cancer?

Dayne, 61, was diagnosed in July 2022, after doctors discovered a polyp that held an aggressive cancer.

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What stage was Taylor Dayne's cancer?

Dayne told GMA that her doctor never said what stage her cancer was in, just that they found it early. Because she'd been getting colonoscopies two times a year (her doctor had previous previously detected non-cancerous polyps), she felt confident she was receiving accurate information.

"All I could do is [think], 'OK, five months ago, I know there was nothing. So this is early detection," she said.

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Is colon cancer curable?

According to the American Cancer Society, colon cancer is the third most leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S. It's treatable and curable if caught early through a colonoscopy.

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What was Taylor Dayne's cancer treatment?

Dayne revealed that she underwent surgery to remove 10 inches of her colon. Although the procedure was a success—she was declared cancer-free without any chemo or radiation—it led to a post-op infection that saw her hospitalized for weeks.

According to Dayne, the setback resurfaced trauma from when she was a kid with chronic kidney infections. "For me, being back, I felt like I was 4 years old again back in the hospital, basically locked inside my own body without a voice," she told GMA. "So, this has challenged me mentally, emotionally. I am now back in a therapy program."

Does Taylor Dayne still have cancer?

Dayne told GMA in November 2022 that she was cancer-free. She's since reflected on her experience in an interview with The Advocate. "It was a rocky time," she said. "It took my three months to come through that health challenge. Become your own warrior first! Whether you're in a health crisis or not, the point is feeling good and getting help."

How old is Taylor Dayne?

Dayne, born March 7, 1962, is 61 years old.

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