Your Taurus Monthly Horoscope for January

Photo credit: Getty/Katie Czerwinski
Photo credit: Getty/Katie Czerwinski

From Cosmopolitan

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  • January 10: Tension within your crew makes you realize it’s time to move on

  • January 12: A long-distance romance is coming your way

  • January 20: Dust off your résumé

Welcome to 2020 Taurus, love! The cosmos aren’t wasting any time getting started on this new decade, and you shouldn’t either. On January 10, a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer electrifies the sky, highlighting the areas of your chart associated with local community and global affairs. This lunation is part of an ongoing series of eclipses that started way back in 2018 and will continue through July 5, 2020, so reflect on how your life has transformed over the past few years. Have you outgrown certain friends, colleagues, or classmates? Perhaps tension within your crew has actually helped you identify all the ways you want to expand your horizons.

Eclipses can be somewhat unpredictable, so don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly presented with an unexpected opportunity to step outside your comfort zone. You may experience a few growing pains, but the evolution is well worth it.

Just two days later, a rare and remarkable planetary alignment occurs on January 12, when Saturn, the planet of responsibilities, aligns with transformative Pluto. This cosmic coupling hasn’t occurred since the early 1980s, so this may be the first time you experience this astrological event in your life. With your travel zone illuminated, don't be surprised if a long-distance romance sweeps you off your feet. Love aside, you’re ready to spread your wings. Go ahead and become the beautiful flying bull you always knew you were!

The Sun shifts into Aquarius on January 20, highlighting the area of your chart associated with reputation, legacy, and professional achievements. By the end of the month, you’ll want to spruce up your résumé and get ready to decorate your new corner office. I know you’ve been working hard, Taurus love—things are finally starting to come together. Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself: This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. You deserve success!

Finally, a New Moon in Aquarius occurs on January 24 with the Sun (symbolizing your ego) and Moon (representing your emotional inner world). Likewise, this lunation helps you realize that you need to feel safe in order to excel. When you have a stable domestic center, you feel anchored, confident, and empowered.Center yourself by tidying up your room or diving into a fun DIY project. At the end of the day, small changes will impact you in a big way. By cultivating change in one area of life, you’ll become a magnet for growth, so let this New Moon propel you forward.

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