Your Taurus Monthly Horoscope for December

Your Taurus Monthly Horoscope for DecemberHearst Owned

Add These Dates to Your GCal:

  • December 6: Mercury enters Capricorn

  • December 7: Full Moon in Gemini

  • December 9: Venus enters Capricorn

  • December 20: Jupiter enters Aries

  • December 21: Sun enters Capricorn; Winter Solstice

  • December 23: New Moon in Capricorn

  • December 29: Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

You’re in a more reflective state as the month starts out, Taurus. Sagittarius season calls for you to turn inward, and the month starts off with a little extra support when Venus in Sagittarius meets with Saturn in Aquarius on December 1. Someone in a position of power could lend you support in your career or current life path. Constructive plans are discussed and a foundation is laid for your future plans. Mystical Neptune stations direct in Pisces a few days later on December 3, connecting you with some inspiring individuals. You may be reflecting on the support you receive from your social circle—do they believe in your dreams or diminish them? Some confusion may occur, so don’t overreact just yet.

More whimsy enters the chat on December 4 when Venus in Sagittarius clashes with Neptune in Pisces. You’re feeling inspired by your community. Creativity and collaboration are on the menu. There can be a tendency to get lost in fantasy, so try to find a balance between reality and imagination. Mercury, the planet of the mind, enters Capricorn on December 6, bringing some exciting news or invitations with it! You’re eager to learn and share information. The Full Moon in Gemini on December 7 can bring some financial frustrations to light. You may be dealing with an unexpected expense, or feeling called to advocate for yourself and ask for a raise.

The two most fortunate planets, Venus and Jupiter, meet in the sky on December 9, bringing blessings and luck your way! You may be signing a contract or making a deal that can make one of your dreams come true. Someone is ready to invest in you or support you. Later in the day, Venus enters Capricorn and you just got a little more fearless when it comes to love. You may feel ready to tell your crush that you're into them! Or maybe you’re craving a little more spontaneity in your romantic life–hang gliding date, anyone?

Another wave of exciting info makes its way to you on December 17 when Mercury in Capricorn connects with Uranus in Taurus. Personal breakthroughs and revelations can take place, and you might be feeling more hopeful about some personal ambitions and projects. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, re-enters Aries on December 20. Think back to May 10–what major shifts were taking place around this time, especially about your belief system? This is a powerful time to explore your subconscious and engage in healing work. You may also be recognizing your limits and honoring your body’s need for more rest. Added bonus: Your intuition is on fire–listen to it.

Capricorn season and the winter solstice arrive on December 21. You’re craving more novelty in your day-to-day life, and you're ready to move away from routines that feel stagnant and boring. This start of a new season could also bring a new chapter in your life. Maybe you’re ready to explore a new subject or travel to a destination of your dreams. The Sun in Capricorn clashes with Jupiter in Aries on the same day, which can lead to profound breakthroughs. You may be interacting with your emotions in a new way, feeling inspired to kick bad habits and negative thought patterns to the curb. Exciting invitations and opportunities may also show up for you.

The New Moon in Capricorn on December 23 amplifies the promise of opportunity. You’re feeling energized about your future. This is a potent time for manifestation. Zoom out and think about the big picture–where do you want to be six months from now? You may be learning a new skill, studying a new subject, or making travel plans for the future around.

Bask in the abundant energy while you can because Mercury Retrograde arrives in Capricorn on December 29! This retrograde may have you re-examining some of the plans and goals you’ve been dreaming about. You may be undergoing a shift in perspective that will open your world up to amazing possibilities. Hearing from people from your past is also a major possibility, so don't be surprised if your ex texts you. Honor your boundaries as needed. On the same day, Mercury and Venus, both in Capricorn, meet at the same point in the sky. You may learn some surprising yet thrilling news. Don’t be afraid to share how you feel with others–compassion is in the air!

The year rounds out with an emotional meeting between Venus, the planet of love and values, and Pluto, the planet of power and depth on December 31. The superficial is tossed out the window as we explore vulnerability in our relationships. If there are any signs of power imbalances, jealousy, or manipulation tactics, now is the time to address as necessary. Trust the process and know that whatever the outcome, it’s ultimately for the best.

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