This Target Tennis Skirt Is A Seriously Cute Dupe For My Fave Lululemon Version

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You just have to swipe through TikTok for a few minutes to see all the fashion “dupes” popping up. It’s coming from the fear of missing out on so many of these micro-trends happening right now. It’s tough to afford the designer or higher-end version of trend after trend. That’s actually what I love about this Lululemon Pace Rival Skirt dupe I saw on TikTok.

The Target white tennis skirt is similar to Lululemon’s, which makes it a great dupe. But it’s not exactly the same so it’s not a total fake. Both are great options to have in your wardrobe for different reasons. I have the Lululemon Pace Rival Mid Rise Skirt in White and I love it for running from yoga to errands while looking cute and feeling comfortable.

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