Target’s Newest $3 Kitchen Decor Find Has Shoppers Buying 3 at a Time

Target store in Buffalo, New York, USA. Target Corporation is an American retailer.
Credit: JHVEPhoto / Shutterstock Credit: JHVEPhoto / Shutterstock

When I’m hosting friends or family for a meal, I concentrate on the food and rarely think about the decor. In my very single-minded opinion, the food is the main event … so why bother with the rest of it? I know an elegant centerpiece or a beautifully set table does add to the experience, and yet, I rarely ever do it. Why? Because it feels like a lot of work. Unless, of course, the set up is rather simple … and this latest viral Target find may just be the answer to my lack-of-decor problems.

Now located in the Bullseye’s Playground (also known as the “dollar spot”), Target is selling a $3 low vase that makes arranging flowers an incredibly easy, seamless process. The vase is actually a rectangle with a plastic top that has 12 symmetrical holes. These holes are meant to hold small bunches of flowers, or flowers that have big petals like roses or lilies.

Setting up an arrangement is as easy as two steps: slide the top open and pour fresh water into the vase, then close it and place your flowers in the holes. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, add in some greenery to give your arrangement an even more elegant look. Then voilà! A centerpiece perfect for lazy hosts like me.

Target shoppers are excited about this find, saying that you “can’t beat the price” compared to other retailers selling similar vases at a higher price point like this vase from Amazon. Some are even claiming that they immediately ran to stores after seeing this vase online, only to walk away empty-handed because they have yet to hit shelves. But if they do find them, they’re buying in bulk. Because it’s true … you really can’t beat that $3 price tag!


12 Inches Long Rectangle Vase
12 Inches Long Rectangle Vase


Plant-lovers also say these vases work perfectly for creating propagating stations. Thinking about propagating your plant but don’t have enough individual jars to do so? This vase makes it easy to propagate twelve plant babies at a time.

Now with an easy and cheap way to make a beautiful centerpiece, I might as well also pick up a few of Target’s $3 springtime serving trays and set up a gorgeous Easter spread without having to put in too much effort. A big win, if I’m being honest!

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