A Target Employee Shut Down This Pride Month Heckler in the Best Way


Some guy tried to make a big fuss over a Pride shirt in a Target and the internet is rallying behind the employee that shut him down.

From the now-viral video, it looks like the man walked into the store and picks up a Pride shirt, started recording, and begins asking people if they agree with the principles of Pride.

"Do you guys support the satanic pride propaganda?" the man, aptly dubbed Darren the Karen, asks one employee in particular.

"Yeah, both," she replies. "Satan and Pride."

Shocked at her response, Darren quickly begins to stumble over his words before he tries to poll more of the store-goers. He's promptly asked to leave the Target but not before he tries to accost more passersby, asks them to call the police, and threatens to buy and burn the shirt.

While Darren's stunt isn't much more than really embarrassing for him as everyone he confronts either vocally opposes him or completely dismisses him, both TikTok and Twitter are absolutely obsessed with the initial Target employee he tried to annoy who annihilated him with her hilarious commentary.

At one point she can be heard taunting him, saying, “are you gonna purchase your little propaganda shirt or not,” and, “somebody forgot to take their crazy pills today.”

The internet promptly dubbed her a "queen."

Is this Target the employee the next gay icon? Maybe so!