Target customer blasts employee for 'targeted microaggression'

A Target customer is calling out the company on social media after an employee at the chain’s St. Louis Park, Minn., location committed a microaggression against him. “The security guard came up to me and he said, ‘The next time you’re in the store, if you could wear a proper shirt, that would be better’” . “I just laughed and I was like, ‘You’re kidding,'” Timothy explained to In The Know. Timothy was wearing a Britney Spears muscle tee when he went shopping at Target that day. Target even sells similar shirts on their website. When Timothy realized that the security guard was committing a microaggression against him, He took out his phone and started to record. Timothy uploaded the video he took to Instagram Reels and went home. one of his followers reached out to Target on Twitter. the brand encouraged Timothy to call them directly. Target told Timothy that they were going to work on a training program to “make sure this doesn’t happen again”. he says he really just wants to know that something like this will never happen again