Tana Mongeau slammed for partying just one week after apologizing for her behavior

Just days after she apologized for partying amid the pandemic, Tana Mongeau is in hot water once again. Her original apology video, which she uploaded on September 4, immediately faced backlash as fans questioned how sincere she was. She apologized for past “racist actions” and for attending massive parties that violated social distancing guidelines. She said she fully held herself “accountable for this and will be staying inside”. “Actions like that don’t deserve a platform and I fully apologize,” she said. On September 12, though, various social media accounts began sharing photos of Mongeau seemingly attending a party for influencer Alexa Adamas. "She apologizes to take the heat off of her, she doesn’t believe a word out of her own mouth or know how to take actual accountability for her own actions,” one user wrote on Twitter. “Deplatform Tana. Like she says herself, she doesn’t deserve it, so give her what she asks for,” another said